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Saturday, 14 January 2023

Pipa Combate 3D - Kite Flying | Makar Sankranti Festival Special

Pipa Combate 3D - Kite Flying | Makar Sankranti Festival Special
Kite Flying - Pipa Combate is a real kite simulator and worldwide phenomenon of popularity.The objective is to fight and cut the enemy kites in a real battle in the sky, in its multiplayer version you can fight against kites from all countries.

* Play with your friends online, choose the room and challenge them!
* Choose from 500 available kites!
* Cut the line and trim the opposing kites!
* Try the different line types!
* Select the ideal scenario!
* Have fun with a lively soundtrack and funk from Brazil!

One of the most popular games in the world now in 3D version and super realistic, in the game you will find:
- Several kites from various countries, all kites based on real kites.
- Miscellaneous sports line
- Art of the balloon / junino being represented
- Music of the game is at the base of the funk carioca
- Graffiti art depicted on favela walls

All this in a favela scene with Christ Redeemer in the background.

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Do you love to loud like "Vittile", "Chal Chal", "Jo jay", "Lapet" when cut opponents kites? Kite Flying game is for you to make all enjoyment of Uttarayan with realistic kite game experience.
New online multiplayer mode has introduced. Now you can  with your friends and family. Play 1 vs 1 online kite match and cheers up. Cut as many kites as possible of your opponent to win the PvP match in multiplayer version.

Show your "Khech", "Dhil" and "Thumka" skills of kite flying. All controls are too much realistic that you will feel real kite flying on your terrace.

Fist kind of Indian desi game, made in India, Made for Indians. Kites game is created for kite flying lovers and kids who really enjoy kite flying.

How to Play
- Select kite and reel and start flying kite.
- Continuously tap tap tap on "Dhil" button for dhil, your tap tap tap speed decides dhil speed.
- Continuously tap tap tap on "Khech" button for khech, your tap tap tap speed decides khech speed.
- To cut opponent kite, tap tap as fast you can, this will determine your speed like in real-world kite flying for khech or dhil in kite fighting game.
- Don't stop tap tap while patch with opponent kite to avoid your kite to be cut and game over.
- Press right or left button for kites direction.
- Press "Thumka" for real feel of kite thumka.

- PvP mode.
- New challenges.
- Most Realistic actions and experience of kite flying.
- 3D environment, natural sounds.
- Update different kites with more powers with weight and size.
- Different kite types like
- Update different reels with more threads and strength.
- Get Points while cut opponent kites, use points to purchase or update kites and reels.
- 360º sky view.

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Kite festival is very popular in different countries with different names, Here you can fly kites of different countries like from India, Brazil, Iraq, Jamaica, South Korea, France, Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia, France, Netherlands, Chile. In Different countries kites have different names and types like Patang, Tukkal, Charuto, Papalote, Pipa, Didak, Atok'er, Vozdouchnei, Caidéu, Layang, Tomawalk, Joystick, Sputnik, Barrilete, Drachen, Peixinho, Aetos, Aquiloni, Stell, Volantines, Takô, Shiraishi, Cerf-volant, Layang, Shiem, Cometa, Drak, Tayara, Jarkan, Veloster, GT, Sarkany, Caçadeira, Flechão, Vliegers, Flecinha, Leijani, Youngwe, Pião, Raia, reme, Treme, Koreana, Drakar, Cafifa, Pelequinho, Lápis, Tomawalk, Papagaio, Tchiang, Britt, Arraia, Baiana, Caixão, Chiriachirou , Batata, Yoah, Chula, Tairawakia, Wau Bulan, Wau Kucing, Wau Jalabudi kites.
Type Lines:
Cerol, Chilena, Manjhas, Roca, Manivela, line 10, line 4, line 24. Thank you 

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