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Monday, 16 January 2023

Download Thermometer App 2023 જાણો તમારા શહેરમા આજે કેટલા ડીગ્રી ઠંડી છે ?

Download Thermometer App 2023 જાણો તમારા શહેરમા આજે કેટલા ડીગ્રી ઠંડી છે ?

Live Weather Forecast

• India weather radar live maps
• Cold wave and fog forecast
• Air Quality Index (AQI) / Air pollution updates
• Monsoon rain forecast / Rain radar
• Live cyclone and lightning warnings
• Farm weather / Forecast for farmers
• Severe weather alerts
• Accurate hourly and daily weather forecast
• 7 - 14-day local weather forecast

🌞 Weather App
Get accurate weather forecast and current local weather in India, see whether the sun will be out, a thunderstorm or cyclone is approaching or whether it will rain or hail. The weather app will accurately display local weather report and future conditions for your exact location in India or worldwide.

🏭 Air Pollution: Air Quality Index (AQI)
Get real-time and forecast air pollution, smog and air quality (AQI) data for major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, or Hyderabad. AQI color warnings indicate the level of air pollution and will help you plan your day, sports activities and take necessary precautions for your children and elders as and when air quality worsens.

🌏 Weather Live and Rain Radar
See the live weather radar map with monsoon forecast which includes areas of cloud cover, sunshine, rainfall, hail, thunderstorms, and lightning strikes. Whether you are in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh or Tamil Nadu trace the movement of cloud formations, weather fronts, cyclones, and active storms, to see, if they will hit or bypass your location across India.

☔ Monsoon Forecast & Rain Radar
Track the monsoon rains on our weather map. Follow rain direction, thunderstorms and cyclones. Take safety precautions by scanning the cloud formations, intensity of lightning and weather front movements for your location. Plan and be prepared for heavy rains, storms, thunder and lightning. Our wind map will also indicate wind strength and direction.

🌾 Farm Weather
Protect your farm from storms, cyclones and flooding. The app provides you free farm weather information about precipitation, humidity index, wind speed, temperature, rain, lightning, thunderstorms, and other weather forecasts for a successful crop.

🌦 Weather Forecast
The latest weather report with specifics on temperature, wind, storm, sunshine hours, smog, sunrise and sunset times. Detailed displays of air pressure, humidity levels and UV-Index. Plan further ahead with the 14-day weather forecast feature.