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Saturday, 30 April 2022

JNVST 6th CLASS Navodaya Exam Paper | Paper Solution 2022

JNVST 6th CLASS Navodaya Exam Paper | Paper Solution 2022

The Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti has Conduct  for JNVST 2022 Admission Entrance Test Exams for the year 2022.This Exam scheduled to be held on 30 April ,2022. Result 2022Check Here

આજની પ્રજ્ઞા તાલીમ Live

 ધોરણ 3થી5 ચિત્રકામનું  દ્રીતીય સત્રાંત
 પરીક્ષાનું પેપર ડાઉનલોડ કરો.
ધોરણ 6થી8 ચિત્રકામનું  દ્રીતીય સત્રાંત
 પરીક્ષાનું પેપર ડાઉનલોડ કરો .
ધોરણ 3થી 5 સા.શિક્ષણનું દ્રીતીય સત્રાંત 
પરીક્ષાનું પેપર ડાઉનલોડ કરો .
ધોરણ 6થી 8સા.શિક્ષણનું દ્રીતીય સત્રાંત 
પરીક્ષાનું પેપર ડાઉનલોડ કરો.
ધોરણ 3થી5 કાર્યનુભવ  અને સંગીત નું  દ્રીતીય સત્રાંત
 પરીક્ષાનું પેપર ડાઉનલોડ કરો .
ધોરણ 6થી8 કાર્યનુભવ  અને સંગીત નું  દ્રીતીય સત્રાંત
 પરીક્ષાનું પેપર ડાઉનલોડ કરો .

JNVST 6th CLASS Navodaya Exam Paper | Paper Solution 2022

Organization Name: JNVST

Official website :

Name of Exam: Class 6 Admission

Category : Questions Paper

બાળકોને આપવાના પ્રગતિ પત્રક SCE પત્રક F 160 ગુણ મુજબ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Important Links:

Questions Paper |Paper  Solution

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Friday, 29 April 2022

View Deleted messages in Whats and recover photos.

View Deleted messages in Whats and recover photos. The description of View deleted messages & photo recovery View Deleted Whatsapp messages, photos, images and chat recovery app for whatsapp : This is one of the best app which provide you the function to restore or undelete messages.

About this deleted messages recovery app : This app recover deleted messages or undelete chat/message of your friends which they accidentally erased. It's really confusing to see this message was deleted. You don't know about what the SMS was. The Main function of this app is to undelete message and recover photos and store it for you. You can save photos of faceapp.

List of the Main features of this App ? :
View deleted message whatsapp, and photos and store it for you and automatically delete it when time limit reached.
These are the three main features of this messages recovery app.

Print સરખી વાંચવા ફોટા પર ક્લિક કરવું

When your saved message are erased ?❌
You are able to view this message was deleted from whatsapp for 13 hours. This way it helps you to save phone storage. After this, you can not read deleted messages of WhatsApp. The main purpose of this feature is only to save your phone's storage. If this time not enough you can contact us and send your opinion.

How to use this app to view this message was deleted :❓

In order to use most of its features, you have to allow notification permission to access the main features of this app. Except this, some extra features will also be added in upcoming days.

How it works: ?
When a message arrives view deleted whatsApp messages app saved it inside your internal storage. When you open this app you see the saved messages according to time and name.

Lock this app:
🛡️ We have added app lock for your privacy.
⚙️ App locker is disabled by default. You can enable it anytime going to the Setting.
🛡️ Locker for this app is inbuilt. No need to use an external app locker to lock this app.

⚙️ Setting up app locker to protect others to view deleted WhatsApp messages. ?
Just follow below steps in order to start app locker ?

👉 Open the app
👉 Click three dots top right corner
👉 After that Click on settings
👉 Now Click on pattern lock
👉 Draw your patter times
👉 Confirm to save and enable the locker

Now every time you open it, it will ask for the password. This keeps your app from the reach of others.

Finally how to see removed whatsapp messages ?
While using this message recovery app. You get notification about to view deleted whatsapp messages. When you click on the notification, you can see the list of users, there you can see all the delete msg.

When you see this message was deleted it recovers those msg or photos: Just like the above steps, after messages recovery and also recovery of deleted photos, you get a notification about after you delete .

Deleted photos are saved in the phone's directory. But you can also see them inside the app. For this, you have to allow storage permission to save deleted photos and deleted videos.

About privacy: Since this app needs special permission to do whatsapp deleted messages recovery. Every WhatsApp's removed message or any stay inside your phone's database. We save your message in your phone's internal storage inside our database and restore from there. And deleted photos in phone's storage inside a folder. To disable the permission just search for notification access in the settings and uncheck the app.

It's useful to for notification save. You can save and retrieve notification history.

👉 Note: This app is an independent one and it is not affiliated with any third Party including Whatsapp Inc.
It uses notification access permission provided by users to keep track of their notification history and to make them view deleted whatsapp messages. Users have all the control of allowing or disallow permissions.
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Thursday, 28 April 2022

Harvard University world's best Univeristy Ever Why is Harvard so famous?

Harvard University world's best Univeristy Ever Why is Harvard so famous?

Harvard University was the first institution of higher learning to be established in the New World. As America's first university, its reputation was established as the only place where anyone could get a degree. ... Moreover, the university conducts highly-effective research in many fields, from science to humanity..

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

BLO ટ્રેનિંગ માં જોડાવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

BLO ટ્રેનિંગના નવા મોડ્યુલ્સના ઓનલાઇન ઉપયોગ બાબત લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

BLO ટ્રેનિંગના જવાબ શોધવા મોડ્યુલ્સ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Important Link :-

નવું એકમ કસોટીનું ટાઇમ ટેબલ જુવો

એકમ કસોટી માર્ક્સ સ્લીપ અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ સાથે તમામ શિક્ષકો માટે ખૂબ જ ઉપયોગી 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક 

તારીખ 6/8/2022.

ધોરણ 3 થી 5 માર્કસ સ્લીપ click here 

ધોરણ 6 થી 8 માર્કસ સ્લીપ click here 


તારીખ-30-7-2022 ની ધોરણ 3-4-5ની માર્કસ્લીપ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરોઅહીંથી

તારીખ-30-7-2022 ની ધોરણ 6-7-8ની માર્કસ્લીપ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરોઅહીંથી


તારીખ-23-7-2022 ની ધોરણ- 5 ની માર્કસ્લીપ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરોઅહીંથી

તારીખ-23-7-2022 ની ધોરણ -6-7-8ની માર્કસ્લીપ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

What GPA do I need to get into Harvard?

Harvard GPA requirements

However, weightless GPA is not very useful, as high schools weigh GPA differently. In fact, to get into Harvard you need to be close to 4.0 unweighted GPA. That means almost as straightforward as every class.

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

ઓગષ્ટથી થનારા ફેરફાર બાબત સમાચાર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Harvard for free?

Most students whose families earn less than $ 65,000 attend Harvard for free in the most recent academic year. The cost of attending Harvard is 90% lower than a state school for students. Only Harvard graduates with an undergraduate degree can earn as much as 146,800 by the middle of their careers.

DA માં 4 ટકાનો વધારો થતા હવે 38 ટકા અંગે જાણો વિગતે

સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ન્યૂઝ વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Is it difficult to get into Harvard?

Harvard University

With an enrollment rate of 4.0%, Harvard ranks as the third most difficult school to gain admission. ... Since most students applying to Harvard are highly qualified, admissions officers rely heavily on letters of recommendation, interviews, and extracurriculars to identify outstanding students.

How do I get into Harvard?

Harvard applicants must be at the top of their class and meet the minimum GPA requirements for college admission. Despite the small number of exceptions, students with a GPA of 4.0 - 4.18 have the best chance of being accepted

Is Harvard Expensive for Indian Students?

Image result

How much is the Harvard tuition fee for Indian students? Answer: 51,925 USD (2019 - 20) This is the Harvard annual fee for the graduate or undergraduate program for Indian students. They may also apply for a Harvard University Scholarship

What is Tata Scholarship?

Image result

Tata Scholarships are an excellent opportunity for gifted students who need money for their education. ... Students studying at different levels can take advantage of the benefits offered by the T

How do I get into Harvard?

Harvard applicants must be at the top of their class and meet the minimum GPA requirements for college admission. Despite the small
number of exceptions, students with a GPA of 4.0 - 4.18 have the best chance of being accepted

Is Harvard Expensive for Indian Students?

Image result

How much is the Harvard tuition fee for Indian students? Answer: 51,925 USD (2019 - 20) This is the Harvard annual fee for the graduate or undergraduate program for Indian students. They may also apply for a Harvard University Scholarship

What is Tata Scholarship?

Image result

Tata Scholarships are an excellent opportunity for gifted students who need money for their education. ... Students studying at different levels can take advantage of the benefits offered by the Tata Scholarship.
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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Easily Calculate your age in year, month, day, hour and minutes.

Easily Calculate your age in year, month, day, hour and minutes.

Break your Age calculator

Now you can measure your actual age in a calculator in years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds

Now you can also measure your actual age in years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds in Age Calculator.

The age calculator gives you the best and simplest count of the remaining ages and remaining days of your next upcoming birthday or commemoration. No compelling reason to remember your relatives, partner's birthday, and find out their age. Here you can find a part of every age without any stretch figure.

.In age mini-computers, additional calculations are used to give subtleties that today you are out of days, all months, full years, all weeks. The age calculator is structured and simplified to use all part work.

ધોરણ 5 અને 8માં વિદ્યાર્થીઓને નાપાસ કરવા કે નહિ?

How to Open Bank account of School SMC/SMDC/KMC in ICICI Bank

Important Link

How to Open Bank Account in ICICI Bank : Click Here

Important Link

Download Form 60 : Click Here

SMC ICICI Bank Letter in Word file : Click Here

SMC ICICI Bank Letter in pdf file : Click Here

ICICI Bank detail Patrak : Click Here

FACTA -CRS non individual pdf : Click Here

In the event that you need to search for an edge calculator, at the time it is searching for a chronological age or commemorative number cruncher overall, then this is the best option for you in a calculator.

Features :

- Give age adding machine birthdays, anniversaries and duration of relatives list.

- Import birthday, anniversary and other occasion information from the contact list

- Provide notice for birthday and anniversary updates

- Age number cruncher backup and restore information in a similar way

- It outlines various configurations of date and month.

Download Now

- Age-adding machine likewise check a given year whether the year is jumping or not.

- Age calculator is completely free download.

- Shows how many days and how many days to walk for your next birthday.

- Share birthdays and invite colleagues to use applicationsNote : website will present notification of all types of Government and private jobs for you. To get Any new Jobs Notifications. You will have to keep looking our website Apart from this will give you the notification related to job like results, Callletter, Exam Study Materials, Current Affair etc. 
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Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Aanganvadi merit list declared

Aanganvadi merit list declared

Harvard university and MIT

Founded by Harvard university and MIT, edX is home to more than 20 million learners, the majority of top-ranked universities in the world, and industry-leading companies, offering 2000+ online courses.

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Learn new skills from our experts by accessing our online classes. Expand your horizons and further your education with online classes from top tier universities such as Imperial College London and more. Stay ahead of the game and make edX your personal online college.
Looking for computer science courses to learn to code for web development or mobile app development in programming languages like C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and R? Want to learn data science, learn java, or learn sql online?

Harvard university

Want an online course to study communication, human psychology, mechanical engineering, information technology, supply chain management, digital marketing, anatomy, statistics, machine learning or artificial intelligence? With over 2000 online courses, we can help you gain the knowledge and skills you’re looking for! Learn new skills and earn course certifications. Further your education today with your very own online college courses..

Online classes in data science, blockchain, python, project management and more
Test your knowledge with quizzes and exams as you advance through each course
Search any subject from HTML programming to digital marketing and more.

આંગણવાડી ભરતી મેરીટ અહીંથી જુઓ


Computer science – Learn programming online and learn how to code! Study computer science courses with beginner and advanced courses like Python courses, Java courses, HTML courses, JavaScript courses, and more. Take an artificial intelligence course, machine learning course, web development course, cybersecurity course, C++ course, R programming course, or data science course. With 500+ computer courses you’ll find what you’re looking for in cloud computing, cybersecurity, network security, information technology, mobile and Android development, game design and more. Take web development courses or computer science courses like CS50 from Harvard. Learn software engineering and software development, or enroll in Microsoft courses to learn SQL online, Excel, DevOps, Azure, Angular, NodeJS and more.
Business & Management – Accounting courses, digital marketing courses and more. Learn marketing analytics, finance, economics, IT, supply chain, entrepreneurship, operations management, health care administration, fintech, public speaking and more.
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Monday, 25 April 2022



Hello All Students Welcome To  Education Website Here Are All Information Study Material Available visit deaily thank you. Exercise plans are brought to you by educators who are focused on empowering reasonable understanding and long lasting learning. These instructors have genuine study hall encounter and have gone well beyond to make these exercises. The exercise plan area will progressively develop as more educators from the people group keep on imparting their work to us.  all education details available.

વાર્ષિક પરીક્ષા નાં મોડેલ પેપર જોવા અહી ક્લીક કરો

Exercises are composed by subject and grade level. Inside every exercise, you will discover clear goals, depiction of materials required, an exhaustive technique with an opening and an end, just as appraisals and alterations.primary school.

ગુજરાત v/s રાજસ્થાન ફાઇનલ હાઈલાઈટ જોવા

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

તારીખ- 29-4-2022 ની ટેલીકોન્ફરન્સ જોવાની લીંક માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

ટેલીકોન્ફરન્સ જોવા બાબત લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

It is our central goal to persistently engage and inspire educators. We need to respect our committed instructors by imparting their work to the remainder of the world. We urge you to share your own splendid exercise plans with us. It would be ideal if you get in touch with us for more data. You have the ability to move what's to come.

Math Lessons

Right now will discover Math exercises from kindergarten through secondary school. Exercises accompany choices for changes and separation so as to assist you with obliging the requirements of your studs. A considerable lot of the exercises are adjusted to Common Core State Standards. All things considered, these exercises can without much of a stretch be incorporated into a current educational plan Math educational plan for any evaluation. The exercises you see here were put together by genuine educators working in schools over the United We urge you to get in touch with us so as to share your exercise plans with the remainder of the people group.

Science Lessons

The instructing of science offers understudies a view into a general comprehension of how and why things work the manner in which they do. With science, we can clarify the purposes for the working of frameworks from transportation to the human body. This area highlights science exercises made by genuine instructors working in schools over the United States. The exercises extend from basic through secondary school and are composed by grade. As more instructors share their exercises, the area will keep on developing. In the event that you might want to share an exercise plan for incorporation on, if you don't mind reach us.

જે ધોરણ નું ગૃહ કાર્ય નીચે ધોરણ મુજબ આપેલ છે

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The Examination Pati Paranam Patrako Banavavano Dor Share Thay Chhe The computer has been unable to compose a result of the computer and its technology. I would like to see the results for the excel file Ma 1. Results were changed to Badh Jaya Sarvala – Calculation One Click Me To Go. Results 1 to 8 of about 8 months for the Excel spreadsheet.Primary School Parinam Petrak Std 1 to 8, SCE Mulyankan Patrako – GCERT A To F SCE Mulyankan Patrako, SCE Mulyankan Patrako, GCERT A To F SCE Mulyankan Patrako, SCE Mulyankan Patrako A to f, GCERT A To F SCE Mulyankan Patrako pdf, Download GCERT SCE Evaluation Format A to F, Download GCERT SCE

Important Links:

Pragati Patrak A

Pragati Patrak B

Pragati Patrak C

Pragati Patrak D-1

Pragati Patrak D-2

Pragati Patrak D-3

Pragati Patrak D-4

Pragati Patrak E

Pragati Patrak F

Plato established the Academy in Athens, the primary organization of higher learning in Europe.[3] The city of Alexandria in Egypt, set up in 330 BCE, turned into the replacement to Athens as the scholarly support of Ancient Greece. There, the incomparable Library of Alexandria was implicit the third century BCE. European civic establishments experienced a breakdown of proficiency and association following the fall of Rome in CE 476.[4]

 During the High Middle Ages, Chartres Cathedral worked the renowned and persuasive Chartres Cathedral School. The archaic colleges of Western Christendom were very much incorporated across all of Western Europe, energized opportunity of request, and delivered an extraordinary










 assortment of fine researchers and normal savants, including Thomas Aquinas of the University of Naples, Robert Grosseteste of the University of Oxford, an early teacher of a deliberate technique for logical experimentation,[10] and Saint Albert the Great, a pioneer of organic field research.[11] Founded in 1088, the University of Bologne is viewed as the first, and the most established consistently working university.
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Sunday, 24 April 2022

GSSSB Bin Sachivalay Clerk Exam Date||બિનસચીવાલય કલાર્ક પરીક્ષા||Bin sachivalay Pepar||Bin sachivalay Results|Bin sachivalay Answer key

GSSSB Bin Sachivalay Clerk Exam Date||બિનસચીવાલય કલાર્ક પરીક્ષા||Bin sachivalay Pepar||Bin sachivalay Results|Bin sachivalay Answer key

GSSSB Bin Sachivalay Clerk Exam 2022

Exam Name : Bin Sachivalay Clerk & Office Assistant

OJAS - Online Job Application System, is an interface to provide the complete solution to the departments of Government of Gujarat (G.o.G.) for speedy & transparent recruitment process.

G.o.G. has mandated all major departments like GPSC , GSSSB , GPSSB , GSRTC etc. to initiate the recruitment process of class I , II and III cadre through OJAS only.

OJAS Mobile Application will give additional facility to get detailed information related to live and up coming advertisements and examinations.

Some of the valuable features available in APP like,

>Get Your Application Form in PDF

>Upload Photo and Signature

>Get Your Forgotten Roll Number and Confirmation Number

>Get Hall Ticket / Call Letter Details

>Check Application Fee Status etc.

Advertisement No : GSSSB/201819/150

Features like Notice Board and Alerts/Notifications will let you updated with the latest vacancies of state Govt.

PDF Viewer required to view the downloaded contents of APP.

Requires Android 4.0 and above version.

OJAS requires permission to your Phone Calls & SMS for security concerns.

Secure,User Friendly & Easy to Use.

GPSC, UPSC & all Govt. Competitive Exams Materials & videos from Top Faculties

Crack GPSC provides online and offline coaching for GPSC examination. You can prepare now.

anytime, anywhere through videos prepared by TOP faculties of Gujarat. Crack GPSC provides

all the preparation materials in Gujarati Language.

This app will be useful in useful in all the Competitive Exams, Government Jobs, Bank Jobs, Entrance Exams as well as Private Jobs. GPSC preparation material is available to download in

PDF format.

Crack GPSC is an app for the students who are preparing UPSC, GPSC, Dy. SO (Deputy Section Officer), Dy. MAM (Deputy Mamlatdar), High Court Clerk, Belif, SSC (Staff Selection Commission), EPFO (Enforcement Officer), IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection), PI

(Police Inspector), PSI (Police Sub Inspector), RAILWAY, LIC, CO, HTAT (Head Teacher Aptitude Test), TAT (Teacher Aptitude Test), TET (Teacher Eligibility Test), CAT (Common Admission Test), TALATI, CLERK, SPIPA ENTRANCE, all competitive exams and All Government Job exams.

Study Material available in Crack GPSC

Current Affairs

General knowledge

Master GK Book


Video Tutorials

Old Papers & Solutions

Gujarati Grammar

English Grammar

Online Test

Crack GPSC contain Extremely useful Maths, General Science, Current Affairs and English Grammar video tutorial which is useful for All Government Examinations. More videos will be added soon. We are coming soon with all Useful Subjects like Gujarati Grammar, History of Gujarat, Reasoning, Science, law, Polity and constitution, Economics, Indian History, Geography,

Documents verification list click here 

General Science, Public Administration etc. The app contains Latest Whos Who which has latest details about Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Administrators, Chief Ministers & Chief of Armed Forces. It has a very rich section of General Knowledge, it contains details about Vitamins, Scientific Theory, Science Branches, Inventions, Gujarati Literature, Chemical Formulas and many more. We are adding up resources on regular basis.

Current Affairs section will give you the latest news, events and socio-political affairs on daily & monthly bases. It has Current Shatak section which has 100 most imp current affairs questions in each section. It has also a practice test for current affairs.

Download this free app and achieve your GOAL!

>Check Application Fee Status etc.
Thank you for visit our website.
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Saturday, 23 April 2022

Google Arts & Culture APK Download 2022

Google Arts & Culture APK Download 2022

Are you curious about what Van Gogh’s Starry Night looks like up close? Have you ever toured the ancient Maya temples or met the inspirational figures of Black history? Do you want to learn about Japan’s unique food culture or incredible Indian railways?

Google Arts & Culture puts the treasures, stories and knowledge of over 2,000 cultural institutions from 80 countries at your fingertips. From the suffragettes who fought for women’s rights, to performing arts at the Paris Opera, to NASA’s archive of stunning images, discover stories about our cultural heritage. It’s your doorway to explore the art, history, people and wonders of our world..

• Art Transfer – Take a photo and transform it with classic artworks
• Art Selfie – Discover portraits that look like you
• Color Palette – Find art by using the colors of your photo
• Art Projector – See how artworks look in real size
• Pocket Gallery – Wander through immersive galleries and get up close to art
• Art Camera – Explore high-definition artworks

 અમદાવાદ થી મુંબઈ એક્સપ્રેસ વે 

• 360° videos – Experience culture in 360 degrees
• Virtual reality tours – Step inside world-class museums
• Street View – Tour famous sites and landmarks
• Explore by time and color – Travel through time and see the rainbow through art
• Art Recogniser – Point your device camera at artworks to learn more about them, even when offline at select museums only...

સુરત ડાયમંડ  બુર્સ ફર્સ્ટ લૂક વિડીયોઃ  અહીં ક્લિક કરો

બુલેટ ટ્રેન વિડિયો

Watch Drone Video : Click here

Bullet Trian 3D Project Video : Click here

More features:
• Exhibits – Take guided tours curated by experts
• Favorites – Save and group your favorite artworks into galleries to share with friends or students
• Nearby – Find museums and exhibitions near you
• Notifications – Subscribe to receive weekly highlights or favorite content updates
• Translate – Use the translate button to read about exhibits from around the world in your language


Permissions notice:
• Location: used to recommend cultural sites and events based on your current location

અંગ્રેજી ગેમ-૧

અંગ્રેજી ગેમ-૨

અંગ્રેજી ગેમ-૩

અંગ્રેજી ગેમ-૪

• Camera: used to recognise artworks and provide related information about them
• Contacts (Get Accounts): used to allow sign in with a Google Account, in order to store users' favourites and preferences

અહીંથી જુઓ ડ્રોન પર્વ મહોત્સવ નો વિડિયો

• Storage: used to allow artworks to be recognised and related information to be accessed while offline.

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Whatsapp Messenger. With latest update

Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger: WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees.

Private messaging across the world

  • Your personal messages and calls to friends and family are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.

Simple and secure connections,right away

  • All you need is your phone number, no user names or logins. You can quickly view your contacts who are on WhatsApp and start messaging.

High quality voice and video calls

  • Make secure video and voice calls with up to 8 people for free*. Your calls work across mobile devices using your phone’s Internet service, even on slow connections.

Group chats to keep you in contact

  • Stay in touch with your friends and family. End-to-end encrypted group chats let you share messages, photos, videos and documents across mobile and desktop.

Stay connected in real time

  • Share your location with only those in your individual or group chat, and stop sharing at any time. Or record a voice message to connect quickly.

Share daily moments through Status

  • Status allows you to share text, photos, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can choose to share status posts with all your contacts or just selected ones.

Download Whatsapp Messenger

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Friday, 22 April 2022


Tips & Tricks: We often hear reports of phones being lost or stolen.  In fact, many of us may have had this problem at some point.  However, once the phone is lost or stolen, one of the immediate steps is to report it to the relevant authorities, it is not always easy to get your device back.
In that case, Google's 'Find My Device' can help you track your phone.

What is 'Find My Device'?

 Google's Find My Device, formerly known as Android Device Manager, is a convenient feature that allows users to track and lock their smartphone, tablet or smartwatch remotely.  Device data can also be deleted in case of theft.

 You can find your phone from a computer or any other Android device by installing the Find My Device app.  Once installed, you can sign in using your Google credentials.  Once done, you can start searching for your phone by first opening the Browser tab, going to and logging in with your Google Account.  'Find My Device' will now start searching your phone.
 If you have location service enabled, the app will show the phone's PIN drop location in the map where the phone is currently.  On the left side of the screen, you can see tabs for all the devices connected to your account.  At the bottom of each tab, you can see the device model name, the last viewing time, the network it is connected to, and the battery life.
This is necessary

 To find, lock or delete data on an Android phone, the phone must be turned on, signed in to a Google Account, connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi, must appear on Google Play, must have a location enabled, and Find My Device  Should continue.

How to download Find My Device

 The Google Find My Device app is available on the Google Play Store, from where it can be downloaded and installed on your phone.  At just 1.8 MB in size, the app has been downloaded over 100 million times
Find, ring, lock, and erase any lost Android device

Find My Device helps you locate your lost Android and lock it until you get it back.

See your phone, tablet or watch on a map. If current location isn’t available, you’ll see the last known location.

Use indoor maps to help you to find your device in airports, malls, or other large buildings

*😳વિચારવા અને જાણવા જેવું હો*
સરકાર સામે અવાજ ઉઠાવનાર યુવા નેતાઓ સામે કેમ ગુનો દાખલ કરવામાં આવે છે ? આની પાછળનુ શું છે સત્ય હકીકત જાણો

Source : "સત્ય ડે"

Navigate to your device with Google Maps by tapping the device location and then the Maps icon

Play a sound at full volume, even if your device is on silent

Erase the device or lock it with a custom message and contact number on lock screen

See network and battery status

See hardware details

Permissions Notice
• Location: Needed to show your device’s current location on the map
• Contacts: Needed to access the email address associated with your Google account


Find My Device is part of Google Play Protect 
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Running tracker pro: GPS, maps, calories, pace, audio coach, run log & more

Running tracker pro: GPS, maps, calories, pace, audio coach, run log & more

Running Tracker+ tracks your distance, pace, calories and more. Its the most accurate running distance / time tracker available on the market, packed into the simplest & most gorgeous interface. It includes access to your music player + voice feedback guiding you as you run towards your target distance / time. It also maintains a history of your runs and improvements over time, and shows you a complete log of your running activity.

- Most accurate distance / time tracking available

- Average & current pace tracking

- Running GPS with Maps & running routes

- Calories spent

- Voice feedback letting you know your progress as you run. Customizable per distance / time.

- Run log: run history tracking with monthly averages.

Bhawan - around March or April each year.

Track your pace, measure workout distance, chart weight loss, crush training goals and more with LifeHacker’s 2021 Best Running App!  RunKeeper is the simplest way to improve fitness, whether you’re just deciding to get off the couch for a 5k, biking every day, or even deep into marathon training. 

Track your runs, walks, bike rides, training workouts and all of the other fitness activities using the GPS in your Android Phone.

  • Calculate running pace, cycling speed, route distance, elevation and calorie burn for any fitness activity - in high accuracy and real time!

  • Find and follow pre-planned routes and map your run or walk on the go.

  • Follow training plan workouts or create your own with audio coaching 

  • Get audio updates while you work out about your total mileage, calorie count, pace, speed, mileage


Easily add your indoor cardio (treadmill, elliptical) and gym workouts (Yoga, Crossfit) right in the app to keep a full training log all in one place..

  • Track right from your home screen with the RunKeeper Android widget

Get motivation and guidance to finish a race, lose weight, or get in shape. RunKeeper is THE training app for all skill levels-  “Couch to 5k” all the way up to Marathon training for speed!

  • Find and follow Run/Walk training plans as a beginner

  • Get coached with 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon training plans for more advanced runners built by renowned coaches like Jeff Galloway

  • Train for weight loss with “running for fat loss” plans by Mke Diebler 

  • Already using a Greatist training calendar? RunKeeper has those too!

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GPSSB FHW Bharti 2022 | Gujarat Female Health Worker Recruitment 2022

GPSSB FHW Bharti 2022 | Gujarat Female Health Worker Recruitment 2022

The  Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board, GPSSB has released an employment notification inviting candidates to apply for the positions of Female Health Worker Posts. This is a great chance for interested candidates who are looking for  GPSSB FHW Bharti 2022. for more details check below

GPSSB FHW Bharti 2022 

It is a good opportunity for all the interested  candidates who are looking jobs in Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board, GPSSB. Before applying for the post, candidates should ensure that he/ she fulfills the eligibility criteria and other conditions mentioned in this advertisementThe last day for registration is -. Candidates are advised to carefully read the full advertisement for details of educational qualification and other eligibility criteria before submission of application. more detailed information regarding educational qualification, age limit, selection  procedurehow to apply ,last date for  GPSSB FHW Bharti 2022  are mentioned below.

GPSSB FHW Bharti 2022 

Name of Organization: GPSSB 

ADVT. No. : - 

Total No.of Posts: -

Name of the Posts:

  • Female Health Worker

Job Location: Gujarat

Mode Of Application :Online


Educational Qualification:

Plz Read Official Notification

 Age Limit for 

Plz Read Official Notification

Pay Scale  


Selection Process 

Check in Notification

Application fess:

Check in Notification

Application fess:

Note: full details of Educational qualification, Age limit, Pay scale, Grade pay ,selection process etc details candidates required to visit official notification which link given below at this vacancy notice.

How to Apply GPSSB  GPSSB FHW Recruitment 2022 ?

Interested & eligible candidates may apply Online through Official website.

What is The Last Date For   GPSSB FHW  Recruitment 2022

Starting Date for Submission Of Online Application  26-04-2022 

Last Date for Submission Of Online Application : 10-05-2022

FHW મેરિટ લિસ્ટ જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

Important Links for  GPSSB FHW Recruitment 2022

Official Notification | Apply Online
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Police/Forest/Talati/Clerk/TET/TAT Exam Useful History Of Gujarat 350 One Liner MCQ


Police/Forest/Talati/Clerk/TET/TAT Exam Useful History Of Gujarat 350 One Liner MCQ

Police/Forest/Talati/Clerk/TET/TAT Exam Useful History Of Gujarat 350 One Liner By Current Gujarat
Police/Forest/Talati/Clerk/TET/TAT Exam Useful History Of Gujarat 350 One Liner : Beautiful “History of Gujarat" for all citizens of Gujarat! – ancient Gujarat history with Graphics - Popular Top "Gujarat history" Free Download! This is a whole app is very easy to use. The app cover whole topics related to Gujarat timeline, Gujarat facts, and India history.

The history of Gujarat began with Stone Age settlements followed by Chalcolithic and Bronze Age settlements like Indus Valley Civilisation. Gujarat's coastal cities, chiefly Bharuch, served as ports and trading centers in the Nanda, Maurya, Satavahana and Guptaempires as well as Western Kshatrapas period. After the fall of the Gupta empire in the 6th century, Gujarat flourished as an independent Hindu/Buddhist state. The Maitraka dynasty, descended from a Gupta general, ruled from the 6th to the 8th centuries from their capital at Vallabhi, although they were ruled briefly by Harsha during the 7th century. The Arab rulers of Sindh sacked Vallabhi in 770, bringing the Maitraka dynasty to an end. The Gurjara-Pratihara Empire ruled Gujarat after from the 8th to 10th centuries. As well as, for some periods the region came under the control of Rashtrakuta Empire and Pala Empire. In 775 the first Parsi (Zoroastrian) refugees arrived in Gujarat from Greater Iran.

Useful History Of Gujarat 350 One Liner : During the 10th century, the native Chaulukya dynasty came to power. Under the Chaulukya dynasty, Gujarat reached to its greatest extent. From 1297 to 1300, Alauddin Khalji, the Turkic Sultan of Delhi, destroyed Anhilwara and incorporated Gujarat into the Delhi Sultanate. After Timur's sacking of Delhi at the end of the 14th century weakened the Sultanate, Gujarat's governor Zafar Khan Muzaffar asserted his independence, and his son, Sultan Ahmad Shah I (ruled 1411 to 1442), restructured Ahmedabad as the capital. Cambay eclipsed Bharuch as Gujarat's most important trade port. The Sultanate of Gujarat remained independent until 1576, when the Mughal emperor Akbar conquered it and annexed it to the Mughal Empire as province. The port of Surat become the prominent and main port of India during Mughal rule. Gujarat remained a province of the Mughal empire until the Marathas occupied eastern and central Gujarat in the 18th century; Western Gujarat (Kathiawar and Kutch) were divided among numerous local rulers.

This app has a feature to mark any history page as bookmark with the History of Gujarat. You can even select to view or browse or zoom whole content. We are sure that this app is better than other “Gujarat History” app.
Pleasant Features of "Gujarat History" Application:
- Very user responsive and easy to navigate.
- Optimized battery usage!
- Bookmark any page.
- Zoom in & out controls.
- Optimized for all devices.
- Supports all screen resolutions and devices (including tablets).
- Change the background color to reduce eye constrain.
- Share your part of history or pictures to your friends and family to Instagram, Picasa, Photos, and Facebook.
All these features are available for free.
True History Team is continuous working hard on making this app better-quality and more valued for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions /problems. We are sorry, if there is any mistake in date. If you have liked any feature of this app, do not forget to rate us on play store.

Useful Of Exam Name:-Police/Forest/Talati/Clerk/TET/TAT Exam 

File Name:- Useful History Of Gujarat 

Questions Type:- 350 One Liner 

Creation By Current Gujarat

Author Name:- Dilip Rathod

Useful Link:-

The Maitraka tradition, slid from a Gupta general, ruled from the sixth to the eighth hundreds of years from their capital at Vallabhi, in spite of the fact that they were led quickly by Harsha amid the seventh century. The Bedouin leaders of Sindh sacked Vallabhi in 770, conveying the Maitraka tradition to an end. The Gurjara-Pratihara Realm ruled Gujarat after from the eighth to tenth hundreds of years. And, for a few periods the locale went under the control of Rashtrakuta Realm and Pala Domain. In 775 the principal Parsi (Zoroastrian) displaced people landed in Gujarat from More noteworthy Iran.

Gujarat was framed by part Bombay state in 1960 on semantic lines. From 1960 to 1995, Indian National Congress held power in Gujarat Administrative Get together while other political gatherings ruled for inadequate terms during the 1970s and 1990. Bharatiya Janata Gathering has been in the power since 1998.

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Thursday, 21 April 2022

Best Ways to a Earn Free Crypto in the 2022

Best Ways to a Earn Free Crypto in the 2022 


We all know how precious cryptocurrencies are, but it becomes a whole lot more intriguing if you can earn free crypto. 

Buying crypto with your edict currencies is a no-brainer. There are numerous excellent cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms for that. 

Some also take a further specialized route in mining crypto. 

Both these styles are kindly parlous, as crypto prices can sway like anything with just an Elon Musk tweet. 

crypto trading 

Still, we're then to tell you about a surefire way to fund some of them without spending anything. 

So without any delay, I ’ll start with the list depicting platforms to earn free crypto. 


There are numerous cryptocurrencies. At Coinbase, you can learn about some of these crypto systems while earning a many commemoratives. 

coinbase- earn free crypto 

It is as simple as it sounds, earn while the you learn. 

The only strike is that you may not fulfill some of the eligibility terms unless you dislocate to a different country. So, this program is for named countries, and Coinbase is trying to add further as we speak of it. 


Freecash mates with announcements and exploration companies which incentivize performing certain tasks. 

You can complete these position-specific offers and checks to snare free cryptocurrencies. Alternately, one can also use Freecash earned coins as gift cards,Counter-Strike Global Offensive skins, etc. Some other features are 

  • Instant Crypto cashouts starting at0.10$ 
  • DOGE, Bitcoin, Litecoin & further 
  • Play games and complete other tasks 

Druggies earn further than$20.00 per day on average on Freecash 

For case, this was a check with the price quantum mentioned at the top right corner 

Subscribe up is extremely simple; use your Google or Steam account. Either, you can register by dispatch to get started. 

Every 1000 Freecash coins equal 1 USD. 

While regular recessions take 5-10 twinkles, a PayPal payout can generally take 24 hours to realize. You can use the Freecash on your desktop or smartphone. 

They have a useful FAQ section that I ’ll recommend reading before subscribing up. 


CoinMarketCap has a analogous learn & earn program for crypto suckers. 

But it gets one step ahead of Coinbase in that it has quizzes to corroborate your knowledge. In addition, it’s not just about qualification; you have to score a perfect 100 to earn crypto for free. Either, there may be specific tasks associated with your course. 

And unfortunately, CoinMarketCap also restricts participation from a many listed countries. 

Bear in mind, this program functions on a first- come- first- serve base. So, the campaigners will only admit the commemoratives until thepre-decided distribution quantum dries up. 

Coin Hunt World 

This is not another course! Coin Hunt World is a Pokemon-go sort of the game obtainable on Android and iOS. Grounded on your geo- position, you'll walk around collecting keys, opening boxes, making musketeers, and much further. 

Coin Hunt Word helps you to earn small quantities of Bitcoin and Ethereum for free. 

Coin Hunt Worlds is from the people behind a famed cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex. And you can be find people on the Reddit talking about earning 50 to 100 USD per week from it. 

So, what’s the catch? 

There's none if you ’re grounded out of the USA, Canada, the UK, and EL Salvador. Specially, the Philippines is listed as coming soon. Others will have to stay till their country is added. 


Crypto PopCoin 


Crypto Popcoin is yet another game to the earn free crypto Ethereum and PopCoin. The gameplay is simple. You have to group coins and also tap to pop them. 


The idea is to pop as numerous coins as you can till the end of each stage. And there's a perk attached grounded on the coins you pop in every stage. 

Every game point will be earn you 1 PopCoin. 

While you need a Coinbase account to earn Ethereum, any ERC-20 portmanteau address will serve for earning PopCoin. For starters, Metamask is an ERC-20 compatible portmanteau that you can use for free. 

Stalwart Prices 

Stalwart Prices are by far the easiest way to earn free crypto. Just use the Brave web cybersurfer with Stalwart Prices turned on. 

 stalwart prices-how to earn crypto for free 

You can Start using Prices to add in free Basic Attention Commemoratives ( Batons) without doing anything special like a course or game. 

Firstly, Brave started it to support the generators we love; you could only cock the websites. But now, you can also cash in those prices by vindicating your Stalwart portmanteau. 

stalwart prices reddit 

Specially, you get 70 of your announcement profit. While the net quantum may not be significant, it adds to the gratuities of using an excellent, sequestration- esteeming cybersurfer that Brave is. 

In addition, this is n’t targeted advertising. You wo n’t see advertisements inspired by your browsing history. And, you can change the frequence from the dereliction five advertisements/ hour. 



LunrCrush is the platform that brings all the crypto talk from the entire internet to you. It collects all the mentions any crypto gets and presents so that you do n’t miss anything trendy. 

And Lunr is the crypto commemorative that you can earn for free by engaging on LunrCrush. 


There are points for every exertion regard signup, connecting to Twitter, referrals, every nanosecond you spend on LunrCrush,etc. 

While your individual exertion helps you earn free crypto, it depends on the other actors as well because the platform distributes a set of Lunr each day. So you get grounded on your share of relations against all the conditioning by all the druggies. 

Eventually, one can check the earned Lunr into the separate LunrCrush account and transfer it to an associated crypto portmanteau. You can check out how Lunr works for further details.

જુવો ધોરણ 6 થી 8 ના બધા જ વિષયના પેપર પ્રેકટીસ માટે.


Presearch came up from hunt intimately. It’s a community-powered hunt machine that uses blockchain technology. This basically means that it's run by the bumps operated by Presearch druggies. 

You can visit Presearch and enter your hunt term to get started. 

presearch decentralized hunt machine 

But you should produce your account for collecting PRE commemoratives. Either, Presearch cybersurfer extension lets you use Presearch directly from the address bar.

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