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Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Amazing picture super photo

 Amazing picture super photo

Classification of Computers: In today's computer age, computers are being used differently in different fields.  Thus the following computers can be seen.  Home Computer Home Computer Mini Computer Micro Computer Micro Computer Personal Computer Notebook (Laptop / Tablet PC / Palmtop) Super Computer Super Computer Mainframe Computer 1.  

Home Computer: In the past, the use of large computer was very expensive for special type of office work such as income tax list or limited use for playing games and this type of computer with very limited speed and memory is called home computer.  2.  Microcomputer: This computer is based on microchip and is known as microcomputer.  And it can easily do things on its own.  Seeing that, it became popular as a personal computer.  

Normally these PCs were capable of doing the work of a single person who can now perform full office work as his capacity increases.  .  Mini Computer: Mini computer is typically used to manage the entire office by connecting more than one person to the terminal to work.  .  Mainframe Computer: This type of computer was used to coordinate the office operations of different locations so that they could be useful for analyzing data across the state.  

  Super Computer: This type of computer is considered to be very modern.  In particular, they have been made very effective by adding the capability of Artificial Intelligence.  Due to which the computer can give its own results using the given factors.

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