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Thursday, 30 December 2021

Hirect is an app that focuses on first-time online rental

Hirect is an app that focuses on first-time online rental

Hirect is an app that focuses on first-time online rental. Job seekers and employers in Hirect are accurately matched. After that they can start talking to each other, from anywhere, at any time. While chatting you feel good about the person to be written, you can hire him or her directly. This is a quick hiring process

ઉનાળુ વેકેશન અંગેનો પરિપત્ર(માધ્ય.ઉ.માધ્ય)

Going through the workspaces, clicking on 100s of application buttons is a thing of the past. Now talk directly to your future manager and get hired immediately. Direct offers a chat-like chat app where employers and job seekers speak directly. I browse for the same option and task list and chat directly to the app itself.
From anywhere, anytime !!
So don’t hesitate, just download and start chatting!

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Top Hirect Features
• A chat app to connect baptismal candidates with employers directly.
There is no need to wait for weeks for a response from employers. Get a quick answer.
For employers it slows down the hiring process. You can now hire from anywhere and chat with the nominees directly.

• All 100% certified companies. No fake jobs !!
All Hirect companies are 100% certified by our team. You will not find false jobs in our app.

• 300+ weekly job openings. 200+ new technology jobs and startup jobs in Bangalore every week.

At Hirect you can find the job of your dreams. Whether you have done Btech, Mtech, B.Com, MBA, MA, BA, BE, Computer science, IT, Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, HR. We have Android Developer, iOS Developer, C / C ++ Developer, Java Developer, Python Developer, PHP Developer, Ruby on Rails Developer, Swift Developer, Flutter Developer, React Native, MERN, MEAN, Node.js, Javascript, MySQL, SAS, AWS, Azure, UI / UX designer, Product Manager, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Digital marketer, Campaign Manager, Performance Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Growth Manager, Business Development, Sales, Supply Chain, Operations, HR and much more.

 Video chat
Take a video chat or have an unusual conversation with your future manager or team member directly in the app. Save time, because life is short!

• Accurate and accurate algorithm for better comparison of baptismal candidates with employers.
Hirect uses Data Science to best compare baptism candidates with employers. Now you do not have to waste your precious time on recycling or applying for jobs that do not suit your needs. Hire immediately with Hirect.

• Participate in our weekly online rental drivers, 50+ Companies.
Hirect organizes weekly driving in the app. Every week 50+ companies hire through our app. Participate in the rental drive only in our app !!

• Get notification when the same job is posted. Take a chance before anyone else!
Once you’ve set a favorite activity, Hirect will notify you as soon as the same job is posted. This way you will always be in front of the competition. You can set filters such as salary, profile, skills, company industry, company size, location and much more.

• Keep your dream job in your favorite category. Don’t lose the jobs you repeat. You can book your favorite activities so they don’t get lost in the list and you can view it as your convenience.

Find tech jobs and first jobs in major cities of India.
Bangalore | Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida | Hyderabad | Mumbai | Chennai | Pune
Full-time jobs | Work on homework | Performance | IT jobs | Tech Jobs

Top categories in Hirect
– Software Developer (Backend / Frontend)
– Mobile app developer
– Designer UI / UX
– Product Manager
– Analytics and Data Science (AI / ML)
– DevOps
– Emerging technology
– Digital Marketing
– Business Development and Sales
– Photographer and Social Media
– Management functions
– HR Functions
– Supply Chain and Operations Tasks

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