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Monday, 22 November 2021

Gujarat Election update 2021

Gujarat Election Result 2021 

Gujarat Election Result 2021 : Today is Election Day in the territory of Gujarat. Casting a ballot has been coordinated today on the empty seats in different Municipal Corporations and Municipalities of Gujarat. Among these seats, everyone is focused on Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation decisions, remembering by-political race for Chandkheda ward of Ahmedabad, one seat of Gandevi Palika ward 3 of Navsari locale and ward 6 of Bilimora Palika. There is one seat in Vansada taluka, 28 seats in Zari and one seat in Roomla area panchayat. 

Allow me to let you know that the BJP was administering in the three empty seats, just the Congress was in power in the Zari seat. So it will be difficult for the BJP to win the Zari seat. While the Congress-chose Vansada MLA has made a frantic endeavor for a re-Zari seat to save his standing. 

Casting a ballot is continuing for by-political decision in Chandkheda ward of Ahmedabad. One seat fell empty after BJP's lady corporator Pratibha Saxena surrendered. The Chandkheda board had three BJP and one Congress. One of the three BJP corporators surrendered and the seat fell empty. So a by-political decision has been arranged. 

Gujarat Election Result 2021 : Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation and Local Body Peta Election Organized by Election Commission on 03-10-2021 for 11 word GMC, 1 AMC, 1 JMC, 3 Nanarpalika, 29 Nagarpalika, 8 District Panchayat, 48 Taluka Panchayat. The Counting of votes will begin 05-10-2021 at morning. 

Date 03-10-2021 at 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM Voting timing. Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation 59.52%, Thara-Okha-Bhanavad Nagarpalika 59.52%, Municipal Corporation Peta Election 27.20%, Nagarpalika Peta Election 47.99%, District Panchayat Peta Election 57.08%, Taluka Panchayat Peta Election 67.60 and Mahelaj Taluka Panchayat Election 72.64% Election. 

The re-surveying of 8 suspended BJP individuals was held in Dakor. There is a three-way fight between the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party in the races. 4 thousand 281 male electors and 4 thousand 90 female citizens will seal the destiny of 17 competitors in the political decision field for 8 seats of Dakor Municipality. 

A sum of 5 thousand 68 individuals including 2 thousand 582 male and 2 thousand 486 female citizens will project their votes in 4 seats of 3 taluka panchayats of Kheda locale. Tight police security has been conveyed for the decisions. 

Thara, Okha, Bhanavad Election Result at 05-10-2021. Absolute Voters 76,946 (Male:41,208 and Female:38,738). In Election Total 47,575 (Male-25,813 and Female-21,772) Voter Use its votes. Absolute 59.52 % (Male-62.64% and 56.20%) votes Percentage. 

Nagarpalika Election Result 2021

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