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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Number Games, Free Riddle Puzzle

Mind Math Puzzle is a game to improver your Logical Skills and Reasoning. 

About Game 

Mind Math Puzzle is a game to improver your Logical Skills and If you like arithmetic than this game is made for you. 

Every one of the situations made with expansion, deduction, duplication and division. 

In excess of 150 levels in game. 

In excess of 20 unique Objects utilized in a game. 

Math puzzle 

Basic numerical riddle game. 

In excess of 200 unique levels. 

Take a square from board and make condition. 

Use hints when you stalling out. 

Simple to play hard to dominate. 

The most effective method to Play ? 

Tackle the condition and Give the appropriate response. 

For Each game beginning you will get 3 life.So in the event that you wrong some place you will get one more opportunity. 

No time limits. 

Who can play ? 

Each mathematical sweetheart can play this game no age limit. 

On the off chance that u r virtuoso address it:- 

40 × 14 = 11 

30 × 13 = 12 

20 × 12 = 6 

10 × 11 = ? 

Answer (જવાબ)  is 2 

Rationale : 

40×14 = 560 = 5+6+0 = 11 

30×13 = 390 = 3+9+0 = 12 

20×12 = 240 = 2+4+0 = 6 

So 10×11 =110 = 1+1+0 = 2 

Game Features 

•Realistic illustrations and surrounding sound. 

•Realistic 2D staggering and astonishing movements. 

•Smooth and basic controls. 

•User cordial interface and intelligent designs. 

Significant Point 

Use BODMAS Rules and stay Fixed on Objects. 


further develops math abilities. 

Works on sensible ability. 

Work on thinking. 

For Best View Please Open This Website In CHROME/OPERA Browser 

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