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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

With 'Finger and Oil' on the canvas, the young artist earns Rs 2.5 lakh a year, creating paintings of many celebs.

Today's Positive Story:With 'Finger and Oil' on the canvas, the young artist earns Rs 2.5 lakh a year, creating paintings of many celebs.

The young artist started painting with oil in Lockdown, now professionally paints
Also makes oil & canvas paintings, pencil sketches and a variety of other paintings

What do you use to paint ...? There will be brushes, paints or other tools, right? But today we have to talk about a talent who paints without the use of color, brush or any other tool. Gee yeah, you read that right. This is the story of artist Ahir Jesha Lagaria living in Jamkalyanpur village of Devbhoomi Dwarka district. Jessha only paints with oil and finger. Nature has endowed him with this unique art and he also earns two and a half lakh rupees a year from this art. So let's know about his beautiful journey in his own words ...

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How did the idea of ​​painting with oil come about?
Talking about his idea, Jesse says, "In Corona's time, when the lockdown came, there was a constant desire to do something. The mind wanted to do the painting, but everything outside was off. So there was no brush, paint or any other material. When you see oil, you suddenly think that this can be used for painting. Gradually one by one the painting starts with M oil. In the first two or three pictures, it seems that nothing can be done with this, this is a foregone conclusion. But with the support of family and friends, I did not give up, and my new journey began. 

Artist Jesha created a painting of famous folk singer Kirtidan Gadhvi

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My father interviewed the teacher: Jesha
Jesha got higher secondary education including primary and secondary from a government school in Jamkalyanpur village and then took admission in Arts in Government Vinyan College. In which he is currently studying in his third year. "I started painting from the seventh standard," says Jesha. Then when I came to 10th standard, my father saw my hobby and took me to a teacher in the village who was making paintings. Whose name is Samat Bella. He is the only teacher of painting in our village. My dad visited me and told me about my hobbies, and I have learned a lot from him ever since. I also learned a lot from watching them paint. Even now I go to the studio with him and do a lot of painting. I get their guidance constantly and I keep learning. '

Jessha only paints with oil and finger. Nature has endowed him with this unique art

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Making pictures
about rural lifestyle: Talking about his interest in painting, Jesha says, 'I like to draw pictures about rural culture and village life. As people have shifted to cities, the population in villages is now slowly declining. Even the people living in the unfinished village are now adopting urbanization, so I want to embody this rural life and this rural culture in my paintings. So that even years later, when one sees these pictures, one knows about village life and culture. '

Artist Jesha prepared a painting of singer Geeta Rabari and gave it to him

In the paintings of many celebrities,
Jesha has tried his hand at various types of art. They also draw oil and canvas paintings, pencil sketches and various other types of paintings. He has made oil paintings of famous singers like Geeta Rabari, Maya Ahir, Rajbha Gadhvi and Santvani Trivedi, while the actor has made paintings of Varun Dhawan, Kapil Sharma, Amitabh Bachchan etc. Apart from this, if we talk about cricketers, they have made paintings of Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal etc.

He also draws young artist oil and canvas paintings, pencil sketches and various other types of paintings.

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Most of the work comes from social media.
Jesha has thousands of followers on social media. “I used to put videos of my paintings in other social handles, including Instagram,” he says. Which gradually led me to people offering to draw their favorite pictures. Then I started commercial work. I get most of my professional work from social media. I also get a variety of commercial projects from them. Which gives me about 20 thousand rupees a month. In commercial work Jesha works including oil painting, pencil sketch, portrait.

Famous Singer made oil paintings of celebrities like Geeta Rabari, Maya Ahir, Rajbha Gadhvi and Santwani Trivedi

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Reaching the
state level due to his hobby of doing yoga, Jesha has a hobby of not only painting but also doing yoga. In which he has got a prominent place in Gujarat. Jesha has won medals and certificates at the state level several times in yoga. Apart from this, Jesha has also come third in the yoga category in the state level youth festival. Apart from this, he also came first in the election festival held in the district. Thus, Jesha is also very active in terms of health.

Puts videos of paintings in other social handles, including Instagram

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I want to do big exhibitions all over the world, in the country," says Jesse, who aims to do exhibitions at home and abroad . A lot of pictures have been made and a lot of pictures are yet to be made. When this work is completed, I will keep an exhibition so that people get acquainted with the rural culture, people understand how beautiful rural life really is! I want to brighten the name of the parents. "Painting is my hobby, but I want to be a professor in college," he said.

Jesha works in commercial work including oil painting, pencil sketch, portrait

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