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Friday, 25 June 2021

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Did you know that Nestle's product: Maggie, which shows that it is a 100% vegetarian product, is a hoax given by the company. Details of exactly what is placed in Maggie's are not entirely clear on Maggie's packet, but are given in numbers. It's called e-code, which ordinary people don't understand. And he uses it as a vegetarian product.

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When you look at the list of ingredients in Maggie's packet, you'll see an item called "Flavor Enhancer." But what is this? This item was not written in the packet. But above it is given code number 635. When we searched for information on this number on the internet, he found out that it is a chemical that is used to enhance the taste of food products. And this chemical is obtained from meat or fish. So it is absolutely unsuitable for vegetarians.

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In addition, these chemicals have many physical side effects. This chemical is highly unsuitable for arthritis and asthma patients. At the same time, it also has side effects on the human brain. However this effect is slow. But it happens. That is, in a way it is a slow poison. These foreign companies are trying to deceive us and corrupt our health and religion. Therefore, all of you are requested to completely boycott such useless products to protect your religion, culture and health.

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If you want to have breakfast early then Maggie has many options like you can make poha, semolina halva, dahlia etc. They don’t take much time to make and are also nutritious.

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The green mark on food and drink products symbolizes being vegetarian and the red mark on non-vegetarian. But when the law came into force in 1993, it also defined vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism. According to him, hair, nails, feathers, saliva, fat, egg yolk or additives are also kept in the vegetarian category, so of course according to you the above items can be non-vegetarian but according to the green rule it is red vegetarian So these companies deceive you in the green red mark.

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Noodles made from rotten mutton, which stays inside you for many days and keeps sticks in the intestines and rods, which causes constipation and spreads many diseases, you know that lack of stomach causes hundreds of diseases (constipation) and Rajivbhai says That is if there is waste in the food it is noodles that do a lot of harm to the body so stop eating noodles if you are worried about your baby and yourself.

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