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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

VIDEO: Punishment for not wearing a mask, people are saying this machine will work a lot in India

The whole world is currently reeling from the Corona transition. If the relief is that some countries have become corona-free. After which the mask is declared free. While for some countries it is still a matter of concern. It is very important to wear a mask to protect against corona. There are penalties for not wearing a mask. That's when a video went viral on social media. People need to laugh as well as learn from watching this funny video.

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Unique punishment found for not wearing a mask

By now you may have heard a lot about the laws of different countries. During the Corona period many countries made major changes to their laws. Provisions have also been made for fines and punishments for compulsory masks. Even in the video given here, a strange punishment was given for not wearing a mask.

Heavy welcome on entry
The video was shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma. In which you can see that someone is trying to enter a public place, but he is not wearing a mask. Due to which he has been stopped outside. At the same time, the masked man got an immediate entry. A hammer blowing machine has been fitted to the heads of those who hit the entry without a mask.

You are laughing a lot after watching this video. But it is also true that we are clumsy in wearing masks. We believe that Corona is gone but in fact it is not. Is. So friends, especially wear masks and advise people to wear masks so that people are safe and live with their family. If you wear a mask, your family will be happy to see you together, otherwise your family will lose you.

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