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Monday, 21 June 2021

Top 10 Restaurants in world strange and unusual

Hello friends, we have brought for you some of the most unique and exotic restaurants in the world. You are going to be very excited to see this restaurant and you can be very excited to see this restaurant. And you can also find some very strange restaurants whose names are also We can't think

so lets watch 

1.Fish Cafe

This cafe is located in Vietnam. You may read the name and think that you can find fish here, but not here. You can only drink coffee here. The specialty of this restaurant is that it has 3 floors and Its 2nd and 3rd floors are full of water where you can see good and colorful fish.Truly a very different restaurant

2. Vampire Cafe 

You may think beyond the name that you can see ghosts here and people here are very scared but there is no such thing here. Yes you can see statues of vampires here. You can't believe that there are so many people going here. Feels good, and people often want to come here.

Here you can see the names of the eating diseases very differently such as one of the DIS here is called Evil Animal and Forest of Deathbatch. Don't be afraid, there are only names here, people say that everything given here tastes very good.

3.War Bunker 

We all know that World War II was a very difficult and difficult time for us. It is in his memory that this restaurant has been built. You can see people here in the guise of soldiers of that time. You may like this restaurant too. If you like this restaurant, you can also go there. And you can enjoy this restaurant.

4.Jail Reastaurant

You have seen many foreign restaurants so far but now the restaurant you are reading about is Bharat Nuj a restaurant. Yes the restaurant is in India and here you feel like a ladder. And it also offers waiters in police uniforms. But the only difference here is that you get the food you want here rather than the prison meal.

5.Toilet Restaurant 

The name of the restaurant is Modern Toilet which is located in Taiwan. There is also a Toilet Restaurant located in Aheemdabad, India.

Not at all what you are thinking. You will find good and delicious food here. The restaurant is known for its theme. Here you have to sit down to eat and eat sitting on the toilet seat. You will feel that you are not in a restaurant but in a bathroom. You may find this restaurant very different.

6.Casa Bonita 

This strangely named restaurant is located in America. This restaurant is built on the Mexican theme. Apart from eating here, you will also find other human beings. This restaurant is so big that it can cater to 1000 people at a time. Apart from this, there are secret caves and magic shows, sword shows and many other kinds of feats. There is also a 30 feet spring where you can also go swimming.

7.Naked Reastaurant 

Friends, the restaurant you are going to visit now is very different. If we show you about this restaurant, the specialty of this restaurant is that no one is allowed to come here to wear clothes. Even the waiters here serve food without clothes. Very different restaurant!However, there is a crowd of people here. People come here to enjoy this restaurant. Tell us in a special comment how you felt about this restaurant.

8.W!ne Lagoon

Here you get not only to eat but also to bathe and not even from water but from w!ne and coffee and noodles. People like this here sit in this tub and enjoy these things. You are also there but you have to go to Japan base.

9.Dialogue In the Dark

This restaurant is located in Hyderabad. The specialty of this restaurant is that the food provided here is not shown and people here eat without seeing the food. And people also say that this restaurant also tastes very good. This restaurant is in India. This is the theme of the restaurant which is served to the people who come here to dine in the dark.

10. Kayabukia Tavern

In this restaurant you will see monkeys instead of the staff working and they will also take your order and serve you food. You can see the talent of the monkeys here. The monkeys here are not given celery but they are given a banana from time to time. Which is why these monkeys work here

So friends, you can tell us in the comments how you felt after reading this article. And you can also tell us which of your favorite restaurants? Let us know in the comments

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