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Saturday, 19 June 2021

There are different types of immunity, find out which ones

There are three main types of immunity in our body. Which protects our body from any diseases. This works differently.

Active immunity

When does our body get this immunity when, our body is in an illness or is infected with something. When an external element such as a virus or bacteria enters the body, it acts to kill it.

This active immunity automatically triggers the body to kill the elements coming from outside. And protects against diseases. It is present in our body from birth.

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Passive immunity

This immunity is activated when antibodies are given to our body from outside. This passive immunity works in many processes, such as blood transfusions with antibodies.

The biggest advantage of this immunity is that it starts protecting as soon as antibodies enter the body. While it takes time to become active immunity to protest.

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Hard immunity

This immunity is called popular immunity. Eye minutes also include vaccines. Which does not last long. This immunity is not very beneficial as compared to active and passive. However, this unity seems to work the most in times of trouble. It is therefore given in the form of a person.

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