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Friday, 25 June 2021

:The engineer built an electric bicycle after his brother insisted on giving him a scooter, now he earns Rs 1 lakh a month from the startup of 'Odo Bike'.

Today's Positive Story:The engineer built an electric bicycle after his brother insisted on giving him a scooter, now he earns Rs 1 lakh a month from the startup of 'Odo Bike'.

Vivek first decided to start an electric bike startup, but could not start due to lack of investment.
Started an electric bicycle startup in 2019 under the name 'Odo Bike'.

"The use of petrol and diesel in vehicles is hurting the environment and its prices have skyrocketed, so I have started an electric bicycle startup to save the environment and afford people's pockets. Started under the name 'Odo Bike', this startup has been successful. I want to make Odo Bike the country's pioneer company in electric vehicles and build a dealer market in India and globally. I am currently researching to make electric bikes and scooters. ' These are the words of Vivek Pagena, a 25-year-old electrical engineer who started an electric bicycle in Vadodara ...

Vivek Jayeshbhai Page, who first built an electric bike in a college project and lived in Sarabhai Society on Gotri Road in Vadodara, studied electrical engineering in 2017 from Babaria Institute near Vadodara. In the final year project of the college, Vivek prepared an electric bike and put it on display, where a panel of judges highly praised Vivek's project and asked him to take the project forward, so Vivek took his electric bike to Sayaji startup. Even there, Anne's electric bike project was highly acclaimed. From here begins Vivek's conflicting journey ...

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"I had no marketing experience when I built the electric bike, but I decided to start a startup called Flash Motorbike," said Vivek Page, a Vivek engineer who started the first startup due to lack of investment . However due to lack of investment I had to drop out before starting this project. I then worked as a design engineer for 2 years, where I designed electric panels.

The pictures of this bicycle I posted on social media started getting inquiries for bicycles from relatives and friends, my mama working as CFO in a Dubai company called me in Dubai to make a bicycle for his company and I prepared an electric bicycle for that company. Where I came up with the idea of ​​going back to India and starting an electric bicycle startup.

Vivek Page said that after coming to India from Dubai, he started a company called 'Pedo Electra', but did not get a track mark under that name. Did. I received the largest order of 10 bicycles to be rewarded to the riders at Garba of United Way of Baroda. Then I started selling electric bicycles on online shopping platforms. Thus, slowly my bicycle sales started growing, getting 3 to 4 orders a day. Although sales were down in the Corona lockdown, I decided to pursue my startup without giving up.

"Currently, my electric bicycle is sold in West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhi and the southern states," he said. The Odo bike startup currently earns Rs 1 lakh a month. 3 people have joined me in my team. Nikhilbhai Suthar of Vadodara Startup Studio helped me a lot to start a startup.

Electric bicycles are sold in the states of West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhi and the South.

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Pollutants do not come out of the batteries of the electric bicycles I have made: Vivek
, while talking about saving the environment, says that people know about electric vehicles and people have raised the issue of saving the environment. I also want to give my share in saving the environment. Lead acid batteries usually emit carbon dioxide, but the batteries we use in my electric cycle do not emit pollutants.

Speaking of the future, he says, "I want to make Odo Bike the country's pioneer company in electric vehicles." I want to build a dealer market in India and globally. Demand for electric bicycles is growing in Dubai and the US and India's market is huge after China, which makes the future of electric vehicles look very bright for young Indian entrepreneurs. 

While the Gujarat government has also announced a subsidy for electric vehicles, now we are also working on research to make electric bikes. However we are currently trying to win the trust of the people.

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Features of Electric Bicycle (Odo Bike) The electric bicycle
manufactured by entrepreneur Vivek Page ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 46,500. Lasts until. The right side of the bicycle has an accelerator and the display shows the speed and battery level. The rear tires of the bicycle have a motor and the bottom of the seat has a battery. 

A sensor is placed in the pedal, so that the speed of the bicycle increases if the motor is turned on while pedaling. E-brakes and bullet wiring are also provided in the bicycle. Hitting the e-brake shuts off the motor of the bicycle and bullet wiring can prevent damage to the wiring in an accident.

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