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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Students be prepared:The online form for Gujkat-2021 exam will be filled from June 23, the date will be announced later

Students be prepared:The online form for Gujkat-2021 exam will be filled from June 23, the date will be announced later

It can be filled online from the Board's website and

Gujarat Board Std. The process of filling up the Gujkat exam form has already started before the results of Class 12 are declared. Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has posted instructions for filling up Gujkat 2021 exam information booklet and online form for candidates of A, B and AB group science streams seeking admission in Degree Engineering, Degree / Diploma Pharmacy courses at

 Just four days ago, Bhaskar made a story about this, in which it was submitted that the government should clarify in detail about the result of Std. 12 Science and whether GUJCET-JEE examination will be held.

Candidates can start the process of filling up the form for Gujkat-2021 examination from 23rd June to 30th June 2021 from the Board's website and For this the candidate has to pay an examination fee of Rs. 300. Which can be filled online or by visiting any SBI branch in the country.

Gujarat Board has charged Rs. 850 for A group students and Rs. 950 for B group students in Std. 12 Science stream. In which students do not have fees charged. The parents demanded that if the examination fee has been taken by the board but the examination has not been taken then the Rs 300 fee fixed for Gujkat examination should be waived to the regular students.

Standard 12 exams canceled in
Gujarat After the Gujarat Board announced the dates and schedule of the exams , the decision taken by the PM put the Gujarat government in a quandary. Following the decision on the CBSE examination, regular meetings were held between the Chief Minister, the Minister of Education and the officials of the Education Department. And after the cancellation of CBSE examination, the matter of reconsideration of Gujarat Secondary Education Board's Std. 12 examination was constantly discussed. Then in the meeting of the Council of Ministers, it was decided to cancel the standard 12 board examination in Gujarat also.

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Students dissatisfied with the result will be able to
appear for the examination separately. In a press release released by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, it was stated that the result will be prepared by the government according to the multiplication system for regular candidates of all streams of Std. 

If any student is dissatisfied with the result after the publication of this result, he / she has to submit his / her result to the office of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar within 15 days of the publication of the result. A separate examination will be conducted by the Board of Education for such students. The program will be announced later.

Formula for preparation of marksheet
Gujarat Board of Education has recently announced the structure of marksheet of Std. 12 result. According to this formula 50 marks of Std.10 result, 25 marks of Std.11 result as well as 25 marks of periodical and unit test of Std.12 will be taken into consideration. 

The marksheet will be available in the second week of July. It is to be mentioned that the state government has given Std. It was decided to cancel the examinations of a total of 6.83 lakh students of 1.40 lakh and 5.43 lakh general streams of 12 sciences.

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Board's guideline as per subject for Std. 12 result On
this first Saturday (June 19), Gujarat Board has announced the complete list of subjects as per the medium and which subject of Std. 10 will be attached with it for the convenience of students.

 In which 20 subjects of Std. 12 science stream, 29 subjects of general stream which subjects of Std. 10 to take as basis have been fully clarified in the circular. It may be mentioned here that due to the situation of Corona, the state government had announced to give mass promotion in standard 12 in addition to standard 10.

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Marks of Std. 10 Mathematics and Science for Chemistry-Physics will be taken into account

Students of Group-A of Std. 12 Science stream will get the marks obtained in the subject of Mathematics in Std. 10 against the subject of Mathematics.

Group-B students of Std.12 Science stream will be considered for the marks obtained in Biology subject in Std.10 Science subject.

Std.12 Science stream group - AB students will be taken into consideration for Std.10 Mathematics marks. While the marks of biology will be taken into consideration the marks of science of Std.

For marks for Std.12 Chemistry and Physics, the average marks of Std.10 Mathematics and Science 
will be taken into consideration.

The marks of first language and second language in Std.12 general stream will be taken into consideration the marks of first language and second language of Std.10.

For the mark of practical, this formula
will take into consideration the activity done by the student during the year of Std. 11 and 12 in the marks of the practical examination of Std. 12 Science stream. According to the board's circular, for the marks of experimental examination in Chemistry, Physics and Biology, the student has to give marks on the basis of the experimental activity done during the year in Std. 11 and 12.

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