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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Strange phenomenon:Flight of a fighter jet in Upleta diocese sparks curiosity

Upleta, Bhayavadar diocese was abuzz with fear after the blast was heard on Monday night and the public was horrified when the incident was reported separately on social media. Mamlatdar G.M. "We have an airbase in Samana village just like in Jamnagar and such exercises are held here from time to time," Mahavadia said.

As part of this, an incident took place on Monday night and a loud noise was heard as the fighter jet was passing by and later the lights of the jet sparked fear and curiosity among the people and the frightened people rushed out. No. This is just a routine exercise of the Air Force.

You can see it in the video given here. And you can also see the fighter plane in the video. You will love this video and you can also share this video with people.

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