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Friday, 25 June 2021

Special Offer / You Can Travel In Flight For Only Rs 1,099, Learn How To Get Benefits Instantly

If you want to travel in the coming days, you will have a good chance of cheap air travel. Indeed, the domestic airline area has come up with the VISTARA Monsoon Sale 2021. This special cell is for 48 hours only. The airline said the sale fare is available for all three classes of travel, with economy class priced at Rs 1,099 and premium economy at Rs. 2,099 and business class is Rs. 5,999.

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Today is the last day of the cell

The airline area said tickets purchased during the monsoon sale could travel between August 1 and October 12. The company said the monsoon season has begun and it is time to spend the long-delayed holidays. We are pleased to announce a 48-hour Monsoon Sale on our home network. According to a company statement, booking of all categories of flights has started in the area's Monsoon Sale and the sale will end on June 25, 2021 at midnight.

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Flight starting from Rs 1099

In this offer, the airline is offering you one way air travel for just Rs. You can travel from Delhi to Chandigarh by air for Rs 1099. The fare from Bangalore to Hyderabad is Rs 1499. You have Rs. You can go to Goa from Mumbai with an initial fare of 1699. What is special is that these fares include all kinds of taxes and fees. If you book a flight from Chennai to Bangalore between the scheduled dates, you will have to pay an initial fare of Rs. 1549. For more information on fares and flight bookings you can visit the airline's official website

Special matters relating to area monsoon cell

>> Under this sale, tickets can be booked at cheaper rates on 24th June 2021 from 00:01 pm to 25th June, 2021 23:59 hours.

Read In Gujarati News 

>> Tickets can be booked for travel from August 1, 2021 to October 12, 2021 under the Vistara Monsoon Sale.

>> Tickets for economy class Rs. 1,099, for premium economy Rs. 2,099 and the starting fare is Rs. 5,999 for business class.

>> The availability of seats under this cell will be on an 'as soon as possible' basis

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