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Monday, 21 June 2021

PM's address on Yoga Day

PM's address on Yoga Day:PM Modi said- Yoga is a ray of hope in the fight against Corona; People became more and more attached to it during difficult times
New DelhiA few moments ago

On this day, about 35,985 people did yoga together on Rajpath under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

This time the theme is 'Yoga for Wellness'.
Yoga has become a tool of self-reliance in difficult times: Modi

Today is the 7th International Yoga Day being celebrated around the world. Her theme is Yoga for Wellness. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the program. He said that today the whole world is facing an epidemic of corona. Yoga has become a ray of hope in the fight against Corona. People have become more attached to it in difficult times. In the last year and a half, even though no big event has been organized in the big countries of the world, the enthusiasm for yoga has not diminished. This time the theme Yoga for Wellness has increased the attachment towards yoga among the people. Hope the country, society and the individual remain healthy.

Highlights of Modi's Address 1. Yoga is a great medium of
self- reliance in the Coronation period. The first synonym of yoga is restraint and discipline. People are also trying to bring it into their lives. When this invisible corona virus came into the world no country was mentally ready, in which yoga became a great means of self-reliance.

When I talk to the frontline worker he says he has made yoga a safety-shield in the fight against Corona. Doctors also strengthened themselves with yoga and used it to heal their patients faster. Many pictures come from the hospital today, in which doctors, nurses are teaching yoga to patients.

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2. Scientific research is being done in the world on yoga.
Anulom-vilom strengthens the respiratory system, say the experts of the world. Tamil Yoga Thiruvalluvar says go to the root of the disease and treat it. Today medical yoga as well as the healing process is so important. Scientific research is being done on yoga. Research is being done on the positive effects of yoga on our immunity.

3. Yoga is preparing children in the fight against Corona
Today children are also being taught 10-15 minutes of yoga from an online class, which will prepare them in the fight against Corona. Good health is the key to success. When the sages of India have spoken of health, it does not only mean physical health. The emphasis in Yagya is on physical and mental health. Yoga makes us realize how much our thinking power, inner strength is, no problem in the world can break us.

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4. M-Yoga App will benefit the world
When India proposed International Yoga Day at the United Nations, it was intended to benefit the whole world. Now the power of M Yoga app is going to meet. It will have videos from the Common Yoga Protocol in different languages ​​of the world. I am confident that this app will play a big role in taking yoga to every corner of the world.

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5. Reconciliation of all in Yoga
It is said in the Gita that liberation from detachment is called yoga. This is how we are going to continue this yoga journey that is taking everyone along. Whatever the location, situation or age, yoga is the solution to everything. There is an increase in yoga institutes in the world today. It is necessary to take the basic principles of yoga to everyone. We have to make a commitment to yoga and engage our people in it.

This is the second yoga day in the midst of the
Corona epidemic. This was even earlier celebrated as Yoga Day amid the Corona epidemic. Last year her theme was Yoga for Health, Yoga From.

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