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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

If you have kidney stones, don't eat these vegetables by mistake, they can be harmful.

Gallstones are most often caused by eating and drinking habits. Most people prefer to eat vegetables with meals. In such a situation, one should be aware of which vegetables should be avoided when there are stones.

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Many people suffer from kidney stones. Kidney stones have a bad effect on your health. Sometimes his pain becomes unbearable. The disease is most often caused by eating and drinking problems. When salt and other minerals in the body come in contact with each other, stones begin to form. The disease can be controlled by following home remedies and eating habits. In this disease many food items have to be avoided. There are many vegetables that should not be eaten by mistake.

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Stay away from these vegetables

People suffering from gallstones should avoid eating certain vegetables. Patients with kidney stones should not eat seed vegetables. Excessive consumption of tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, etc. can increase the problem of stones.

Stay away from these things


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Patients with kidney stones should not consume protein. Consumption of more fish and meat should be avoided in case of stones, otherwise this problem may increase.

Vitamin C.

If you suffer from gallstones, do not take too much vitamin C. Excessive use of vitamin C can increase the risk of stone formation.

Cold drinks

Cold drinks can be dangerous for people who have kidney stones. The phosphoric acid present in it increases the risk of stones.

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