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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Heartbreaking LIVE Rescue

Ghodapur in Lodhika's Rawki river, 3 youths from village Tanata jumped into the river with their car in hand, 2 women rescued, driver killed without opening seatbelt

The driver was killed in the car.

The driver died inside without being able to open the seatbelt, the rear window of the car was broken and two women were taken out.

Heavy rains lashed Rajkot district yesterday, causing rivers to overflow. An SUV car plunged into the river within the precincts of Lodhika police station. Upon learning of the incident, the villagers rushed to the spot and three youths jumped into the river with their fists to save the occupants of the car. The villagers carried out the rescue operation with a rope, but the driver died inside the car without opening the seatbelt, while two women aboard the car were rescued. Police moved the driver's body to Civil Hospital for postmortem. Crowds of people had gathered following the accident. The body was rescued and exhumed.

The villagers were
standing on the bridge due to the floods. Two women were rescued when a car overturned in the river of Rawki village in Lodhika taluka, while the adult driver was killed. Work on the bridge has been going on for the past six months and no warning boards were hit in the diversion, so the car passed through there. 

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The villagers, including Sarpanch Indubha Jadeja, were on the spot and immediately three young men jumped into the water and he smashed the rear window of the car with a khapari to get the women out. Driver Jayesh Sorathia could not get out as he could not open the seatbelt, so he cut the seatbelt with a toothpick and pulled it out unconscious. According to pedestrian Kishan Patel, the adult was taken to the hospital in a tractor, but died. The incident happened around 7 p.m.

Barely reaching the seatbelt due to the same flow: Young
rescuer Bhavesh Parmar said that there was water in the river so we villagers were standing on the river. The car arrived, so we stopped with our hands up, but the driver drove off. The car overturned on the way to the river. Sarpanch ran and I, my friend Bhavesh Vegda and Abhibhai Darbar landed in the water.

The driver's seat was down so he broke the rear window and pulled both women out. The driver could not open the seatbelt so they could not come up. The water flow was high and muddy, nothing was visible inside. Mahamahante Bhavesh and Abhibhai went inside, cut the seatbelt with a toothpick, pulled out the driver and the villagers pulled him out and shifted him to the hospital.

The system did not help here:
Abhirajsinh Jadeja, a native of Rawki village and another young rescuer, said the river was flooded due to heavy rains yesterday evening. Water was also flowing from the bridge. However, a motorist tried to cross the road and skidded over the bridge, in which a man and two women were sitting. Tantra did not come here to help, but the villagers barely got together and Mahamahante carried out the rescue operation.

Another young Bharatbhai Parmar, who rescued the driver from the bridge with a rope , said the driver died without opening the seat belt, so his seat belt was cut with a knife and then pulled out with a rope and the two women walked to the side of the bridge. Was extracted.

Rajkot floating duck horse rescue thriller
became a strange phenomenon in Rajkot a few days ago. A horse sank in the swamp in the Aji river bed of the city. In this regard, the fire brigade's departure put the horse out at the risk of his life. This time the body of the firefighter was itchy due to the effect of the chemical mixed in the river, so he was shifted to the hospital for immediate treatment.

The rescue operation lasted for 30 minutes.
According to the details of the incident, Mahant Balwantgiri Gosai of Rajarajeshwar temple near Ajidem saw a horse drowning in the river bed, so he immediately informed Cong leader Ranjit Mundhwan about it. Ranjit Mundhwa accompanied the fire brigade team to the spot. And the horse was pulled out as a result of a 30-minute heartbreaking rescue-operation.

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