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Monday, 21 June 2021

Formula valid or not ??

Formula valid or not ?:Supreme Court tells CBSE: Agree in principle on your scheme, but also need to hear the petitioners, adjourn hearing till Tuesday

A 13-member committee formed to prepare the board's results said last Thursday in court about the formula for announcing the results.

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In the case of 12th standard board exams, the apex court told the CBSE that "we have agreed in principle to your scheme, but some of the petitions have challenged the cancellation of board exams, so it is necessary to listen to these applicants." The court will only hear the application that has been filed. The court will no longer hear new petitions and will tell the registry not to accept new petitions. The Supreme Court will hear the petitions on Tuesday at 2 p.m. In the meantime the final seal may be affixed on the 30 ઃ 30:40 formula suggested by the Board. A 13-member committee formed to prepare the board's result said last Thursday about the formula for announcing the result in court.

As per the draft of the board, the pre-board result of Std. 10, 11 and 12 will be made the basis for the final result. If all goes well, the result will be released by July 31.

CBSE formula

Out of 5 subjects of Std. 10, the students who have scored the highest in 3, will be selected to prepare the result.

The marks obtained in the five subjects of Std. 11 and the unit, term or practical of Std. 12 will be made the basis of the result.

Std.10 and 11 numbers will be given 30-30% weightage and Std.12 numbers will be given 40% weightage.

Separate examinations will be arranged for the children who want to appear for the examination when the condition becomes normal.

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Government's logic - Formula designed with experts committee
Attorney General K. That. Venugopal said that CBSE has been providing its services since 1929. This has never happened before in history. We have designed this formula with the committee of experts. The board exam and subject of Std. 10 are different from Std. 11 and 12, because of this we have made Std.

The Formula
Board for Std 12 results said that the weightage of Std 10 and Std 11 marks in the result will be 30-30 per cent, while the weightage of Std 12 marks will be 10 per cent. Students also have board exams in standard 10, but the subject is different. Only marks of three main subjects out of 5 subjects of standard 10 will be added. Then average marks of all 5 subjects will be added in term examination, unit-examination and final examination of standard 11. The weightage of this mark will be 30-30 percent.

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30% marks will be given on the basis of three main subjects of standard 10. 30% marks will be given based on the result of standard 11, while 40% marks will be given based on the result of internal examination of standard 12.

Based on the formula of final marksheet 30-30-40,
40% weightage will be given for the marks of standard 12 practical examination and pre-board examination. Combining these three marks will give marks out of a total of 100 marks. The final marksheet of the students will be prepared on the basis of the same 30-30-40 formula. Students can also prepare their own results by checking their previous exam marks. The result from the board will be announced by July 31.

After the announcement of the marking formula, there have been complaints from students and teachers that the standard 11 marks are being overemphasized. It is possible that the marks of the student in 11th are less, due to which the marks in the marksheet of standard 12 may be less.

In the category of 'Compartment' for failing students in 1 or 2 subjects, the board said that students do not even reach the passing marks when preparing the result by marking formula, they will be placed in the category of 'Essential Repeat' i.e. 'Compartment'. There will be students in the compartment category who will fail in 1 or 2 subjects. Students who fail in more subjects will have to repeat the whole year.

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The failed student will have two options. In
this case the student will have two options . The first is that he can increase his marks by appearing in the compartment examination, on the basis of which his result will be prepared. Another option is that students can also send an application to their school for the 12th board exam. Once the epidemic is under control, the exams will be held only for those students who have applied for it. Students can improve their result by taking the exam.

Let it be known that the result of the board examination will be declared by 31st July. The board will prepare the marksheet of each student and upload it on the official online portal on July 31. Students will be able to know their result by logging in from their roll number and registration number.

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