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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Does burning cow dung and ghee really produce oxygen? Find out what the doctors said

Many tips to get rid of coronavirus are going viral on social media. Fact Crescendo has researched many such tips and conveyed the truth behind them to the readers. A misleading news is being shared on social media against the backdrop of the ongoing oxygen crisis in the country. According to this news, burning of cow dung and ghee produces oxygen and 10 grams of cow ghee produces 1000 tons of oxygen.

We tried to find out what gas is produced by burning cow dung and ghee according to viral claims. We have received an article published by NCBI. Biomass fuels such as wood, waste and dried animal dung are the main sources of domestic energy. The burning of these items in fires and stoves raises concentrations of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, as well as volatile and semi-volatile organic species in the indoor environment.

After further research, we found an article published by which clearly states that, in full combustion, burning fuel will produce only water and carbon dioxide. The flame is usually blue. For this to happen it is necessary to have enough oxygen to fully combine with the fuel gas.

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Many people use methane gas for cooking at home, commonly known as natural gas. When the gas is heated and if there is enough oxygen in the atmosphere, the molecules break down and are produced entirely in the form of water and carbon dioxide.

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According to the above information, it is clear that oxygen is required to burn anything and when it is burned carbon dioxide and water are produced. Let me tell you that 65% of cow dung is made from methane and it is clearly stated in this article that burning methane produces water and carbon dioxide.

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Regarding the viral claim, we asked the Assistant Professor of ICT Mumbai, Dr. P.R. "The claim that is going viral is completely false and misleading," he told Nemad. Burning anything cannot produce oxygen, if you are burning ghee, it will produce not oxygen but carbon dioxide and water vapor, and burning dung also produces carbon dioxide and other gases. Burning ghee and dung together will also produce gas. ”

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After examining the facts, we found that the above claims were false. Burning desi ghee and dung produces carbon dioxide and water vapor. Oxygen is used to burn anything and what is produced in this burning process is carbon dioxide and other gases not oxygen. Burning anything does not produce oxygen but produces carbon dioxide and other gases.

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