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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Decision of the Board of Education

Examination of repeater students of standard 10 and 12 of Gujarat will be held from 15th July

Repeater students recently protested against the exam at the Collector's Office in Ahmedabad.

The government had decided to cancel the July 1 exam due to Corona's condition.

The Board of Secondary Education has decided to hold the examination of repeater students of Std. 10 and 12 of Gujarat from 15th July. The detailed schedule of the examination will be announced soon. Board of Secondary Education Secretary D.S. Patel said the board has decided to conduct the examination of repeater students in view of the current Corona situation in the state.

In Gujarat, the government had decided to hold a public board examination for regular, repeater, private and separate candidates of Std 10 and 12 on July 1. But in view of Corona's condition, it was decided to postpone these examinations. Now, regarding the examination of these repeater students, the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has decided to conduct the examination of standard 10 and 12 science stream and general stream repeater, private and separate candidates on July 15. A detailed program in this regard will be announced later. The principals of the schools will have to inform the parents of the students about the examination. This is stated in the list of the Board of Education.

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Demand for 4.91 lakh repeaters Students Speaking of repeater students in the
board exams, 3.62 lakh students were registered in standard 10, 32 thousand 400 in standard 12 science and 97 thousand repeater students in standard 12 general stream. The government had clarified that only regular students in standard 10 had canceled their exams and given mass promotion.

But the decision to cancel the standard 12 examination did not make it clear that only regular students' exams would be canceled or all students, including repeaters, would be canceled. "No decision has been taken yet for repeaters students," the education minister told the media. Which will be taken up in the near future on the basis of the guideline of the Central Government.

In Ahmedabad, students handed over application
forms to the Collector. Recently , more than 25 students reached the Collectorate and protested against the offline examination with banners and slogans. The students said that mass promotions have been given to millions of regular students. So give it to us too. If a decision can be made in the interest of regular students then why not in our interest. 

Don't we have corona? Give us a mass promotion or organize an online exam. We are also students. In the current situation, offline exams should not be held. We are not opposing the exam. We are ready to give if our online exam is held. If the government decides for regular students then the same should be decided for repeaters.

Std. About 8.60 lakh students of class 10 were given mass promotion while
studying in schools affiliated to Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. A decision has been taken in the core committee chaired by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani to give mass promotions to about 8.60 lakh students due to the Corona epidemic. Surprisingly, since the students who have been given mass promotions have studied in Std. 

1 to 10 under the continuous comprehensive assessment scheme, unit test type examinations are conducted at their school level, not annual examinations. The state government has also clarified that, std. 10 has about 3.50 lakh student repeaters. Those students will not get the benefit of mass promotion. Whenever the condition of the corona eases, a special std. 10 will be examined. Thus, there are a total of 11.65 lakh students in Std. 10 in the state.

Repeater students going for exams can also get corona: Board of Trustees The Board of
Trustees had earlier said that the idea of ​​giving mass promotion to students of Std. But announcing the date of the exam for repeater students has become a topic of discussion. Repeater students are also normal children. Kumla is like regular students. Corona has been the victim of educational difficulties. Whether it is on-line or off-line, all the students have faced it. 

At such times, my demand has been that all children be given mass promotion. Although the government has given mass promotions only to regular students, I have to say that repeater students who are going to take the Corona exam can also get it. I appeal to the government to give mass promotion to the repeater students and also to relieve the mental stress.

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