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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Committed a crime despite knowing the result of negligence, chargeframe against 13 after 2 years; Atul Gorsawala's charge frame postponed for next hearing on 5th

Taxila fire:Committed a crime despite knowing the result of negligence, chargeframe against 13 after 2 years; Atul Gorsawala's charge frame postponed for next hearing on 5th

The prosecution said the 3,000-page government document should not be scrutinized so that justice could be served quickly

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The case of the death of 22 innocent students in the Takshashila fire has finally framed charges against 13 of the 14 accused after two years. In the chargeframe's argument, the prosecution said the defendants committed the crime despite knowing the consequences of negligence. The next hearing is set for July 5.

According to the courtroom live
complaint and an application filed by the government party, there are 96 documents in the case, which have 3,000 pages. It should not be verified to be all government documents. Special P.P. of the case in the court today. Parmar and plaintiff's counsel Piyush Mangukia were present. All 14 accused appeared in court this morning. The main question of the court was whether the offense was sanctioned, the accused refused.

So 30
witnesses do not have to be verified : Complainant's application According to the plaintiff's application, if there is no dispute about the authenticity of the documents in this case, the defense can accept it, so that the burden of examining about 30 witnesses can be reduced.

What will happen next will
be the beginning of true justice. Sir, the trial process including investigation, cross-examination, witness verification will begin. Advocate Piyush Mangukia said, "We want to start the testimony of the doctors as there is a lot of reliance on the PM's report." The deaths of the students were due to suffocation, jumping from above and burns. First summons may be issued to doctors.

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Chargeframe against Connie-Connie

Bhargava Butani: The administrator of the tuition, where the fire broke out. There was no fire facility.

Savji Paghdal: The accused is a builder. The accused illegally rented the space.

Dinesh Vekaria: He is a builder, he is a partner, he rented space due to illegal construction.

Jayesh Solanki: is an executive engineer of the municipality, legalized illegal construction.

Jignesh Paghdal: The accused is the son of a builder. Administered the leased space.

Vinu Parmar: COR was issued to get the green light of building regulation.

Ravi Kahar: Takshashila is an arcade builder. Building the building in partnership made the third floor 

Harsukh Vekaria : Original teacher and partner of the place, involved in the act of illegal construction.

Himanshu Gajjar: Palika is an officer, took impact on the basis of false documents.

Deepak Nayak: GEB officer, class power connection was illegal, who did not check.

Parag Munshi: The accused is a municipal officer, issued a notice to pay the impact fee.

Kirti Mode : Accused- Fire Officer, had to take action against a building without NOC, which he did 
Sanjay Acharya: Fire Officer, Taxila building was checked but the site was not inspected. Tuition classes did not have a fire facility.

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