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Monday, 21 June 2021

Bizarre / VIDEO: A truck's tire collided with a tea shop near Khakhrala village on Morbi's new highway

CCTV footage of a moving truck coming out of the truck and hitting a tea shop captured

A running truck in Morbi had a flat tire

The tire came out of the moving truck and rammed into the pan shop

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The incident took place near Khakhrala village on Navlakhi Highway

In Morbi, the tire of a moving truck came out and reached a tea shop. The locals were also shocked to see the running tires. This is the case on Navlakhi Road in Morbi.

Thousands of trucks and large vehicles pass through this road every day. But this kind of thing only happens one day. The tire detached from a moving truck and started running on the road. CCTV footage of the incident has also surfaced.

If a tire suddenly enters a shop in such a way, it is natural that people will be scared. Many times people are seriously injured in such incidents. But no one was injured in the Morbi incident. Seeing the tires coming, people rushed to escape. Watch this video

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