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Monday, 21 June 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release:PUBG released for beta users with a new name, this time the blood color will look green; The user will have the opportunity to continue with the old App 

Currently the app is released for beta users, it will be released for all users soon
It will support smartphones with 2GB RAM, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and all OS support phones above

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South Korean video app developer Kraft has finally released 'Battlegrounds Mobile India App in India. This app can be downloaded by beta users. Now though the company has removed its beta version. Of course some users can download this App. Now when the app is downloaded, users get the message 'Internal server error'.

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Krafton says it will soon be launched for all users. The company has released its new teaser on Facebook. Earlier, rumors were circulating that the App would be released on June 18.

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What will be found in the new PUBG?
Battlegrounds Mobile India has undergone some changes compared to the original App. Before playing this App the user has to confirm that he is 18 years of age or older. Only then does the user get permission for the App. Ping is more common in the App. That is why the App is undergoing beta testing. Compared to PUBG mobile, the graphics will be a little less fun. However, the App has not yet been launched for all users. So it would be hasty to say anything about graphics and other elements.

Just like the old PUBG, this App has maps, weapons, App mechanics. The only difference is that it has been repackaged for Indian users. Now the color of blood has changed from red to green. Above the App are the number of surviving players and the number of players killed by the user.

PUBG mobile data can be accessed

Users were worried about whether the data from the old App would be found in the new App. The data of the old PUBG can be accessed in the PUBG launched in the new incarnation. After the data is transferred, the user will be able to restart the old App from where it left off.


How much space will be consumed?
The App consumes 6.06GB of storage when installed on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Requires storage permission after the App is installed. The App does not require other permission App including camera, gallery, contact, music, video.

For those who have already played the App, there is no special setting change in the new App. From homescreen to App play, you get the same experience as the old App. As per the warning before the app - this is not a real world based App. You have to survive in a virtual App.

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It will also support phones with 2GB of RAM,
Kraft said, adding that the phone will support Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or later Android operating system. To play the App the phone must have a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

Craft has made a number of changes to the App this time around, keeping in mind the data security priority privacy and data security priority. The company will ensure that user privacy is not violated and data collection takes place in India.1

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