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Friday, 25 June 2021

6-month-old boy dives into river, does water skiing, sets world record with a smile - watch video

A six-month-old baby in the US state of Utah has broken a world record and become the youngest person to go water skiing at the youngest age.

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This video is rapidly going viral on social media. Rich Humphries shows water skiing at Lake Powell, which has sparked debate on the internet.

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According to news website UPI, the video was first posted on Instagram by the child's parents, Casey and Mindy Humphries.

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The parents have created an Instagram account in the child's name. This video has been shared on the account. As can be seen in the video, the child is holding the iron rod firmly attached to the boat. Her father, on the other hand, was on another boat watching the baby. The child is also wearing a life jacket. The baby was lowered into the water with complete safety.

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While sharing the video, the parents wrote in the caption, "I went water skiing on my sixth birthday. This is a huge task because, I have set a world record. The video was shared on September 13, where it received millions of views and comments. The video has also been shared on Twitter, which has 7.6 million views so far.

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People are giving different opinions on social media. Some said he was too young to do water skiing, while others said the father had brought the son into the river with full safety. Which was exactly it. See how much fun the baby is having in the water. According to ABC News, the previous unofficial world record belonged to Auburn Absher. He went for water skiing with his parents when he was six months and 10 days old and the 6-month-old baby set the record.

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