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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Strange phenomenon:In Valsad, pet dogs barking at cows,

Strange phenomenon:In Valsad, pet dogs barking at cows, ran away and killed the dog owner, were caught on CCTV.

The dog owners started running to avoid the stray cows
The cows fell on them as the dog owner fell down
Attendees tried to rescue the dog owner, but the cows did not leave

A strange incident happened in Valsad two days ago. A man with a pet dog went out for a morning walk. Meanwhile, the dog saw some cows and barked. The barking cows were whiffy and ran after the dog first and then the owner of the dog. The cows were so furious that the dog owner ran into the area and killed the squirrel. Those present at the scene made desperate efforts to save the man, but the weeping cows did not leave the dog owner alone. The bizarre incident was captured on CCTV cameras, which are currently going viral on social media.

According to CCTV footage of 3 cows barking at dogs , the dogs started barking after seeing cows in front of Jyoti Hall in the vegetable market area of ​​Valsad. Suddenly the dogs barked and 3 cows erupted. The enraged cows ran after the dog owner. The dog owners ran to avoid the stray cows, but the cows did not chase them. The dog owner, who was the victim of the angry cows, sustained serious injuries.

The cows fell on them as the dog owner fell down.

The dog owner fell on the cows and the dog owner ran
towards a rickshaw to save his life. As the dog owner fell down the cows fell on them and were moaning them. Those present at the time made efforts to rescue the dog owner and were moving the herd of cows away, but the cows never let go of the dog owner.

 The locals were successful in removing the herd of cows, although by then the cows had inflicted serious injuries on the dog owner. 

The cows were barking at the dog owner and the locals were rescuing.

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