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Friday, 1 January 2021

Halari donkey's milk is very beneficial against beauty, immunity and increasing age, Rs. Milk is sold at 2000 per liter

New: Halari donkey's milk is very beneficial against beauty, immunity and increasing age, Rs. Milk is sold at 2000 per liter

According to the findings of research institutes, Halari donkey's milk contains the same nutrients as mother's milk.
Donkey's milk is likely to be widely used in medicinal products in addition to cosmetic products.
According to NRCE, if the demand increases, the price of milk will go up by Rs. It can be as high as 7000
Halari donkeys are on the verge of extinction despite being extremely beneficial due to lack of information, proper fitness and facilities

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Donkeys are generally regarded as ridiculous animals. One more healing ability of donkeys used for carrying loads is currently under consideration. According to the findings of the National Research Center on Equine (NRCE), a research institute on the species of Halari donkey found in Jamnagar panth in Gujarat, the milk of Halari donkey is highly beneficial. Halari donkey's milk is very beneficial for beauty treatment, immunity and especially to prevent body wear and tear with increasing age. Currently Rs. Milk sold at Rs 2,000 per liter in the near future. No wonder it crosses 7000. When a person wants to look inferior in terms of appearance, it is said that whites are also donkeys. Even if this is said for ridicule, the reality is that donkey's milk is used in beauty products today.

The Halari donkey is the second best surviving species in India.

Talking to people involved in the research, Divyabhaskar found that donkey's milk does not currently have a large market in India and is used on a small scale in cosmetic products. Apart from this, it is used in very limited quantities in different parts of the country. Donkey's milk is given to children, especially in rural areas, when they fall ill with digestive diseases, but the demand for it is also going to increase as the knowledge about its beneficial benefits increases.

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Characteristic of Halari donkey's milk

According to NRCE research, Halari donkey's milk has the same nutrients as mother's milk.
It is even better than goat, camel, buffalo milk. It is low in fat.
The amount of anti-oxidants in donkey's milk is increased to prevent the negative effects of aging, which is able to protect against many diseases.
It is also very beneficial in diseases related to the wear and tear of the body
This milk can be very beneficial in improving the digestion of children.
Softens the skin and protects against skin diseases
Boosts the immune system.

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Use of donkey's milk in India Donkey's milk is not
currently used for drinking in India. There is no special awareness about the merits of this. Some cosmetic companies use it in very small quantities. It is also widely used to make soaps and skin care products. In addition, in some villages in South India, small amounts are taken when children are sick or when they need breast milk.

The market is slowly
emerging. For the first time in India , cosmetic start-up organic has launched donkey milk soap. Pooja Kaul, founder of Organico, said that the donkey breed is considered inferior to other animals and that is why there is not much awareness among the people about its milk, but awareness activities have started in the last two-three years. . We have been buying donkey milk from Delhi for the last 2 years and are now thinking of buying from Gujarat as well.

Pooja Kaul, founder of Organico, which launched soap made from donkey's milk for the first time in the country, collects milk from pastoralists.

Currently sold at
Rs 2,000 per liter, Pooja Kaul said, adding that in different parts of India, Rs. Donkey milk of different breeds is sold at prices up to 2000 per liter. We buy at the same price to make soap. Apart from this, in some villages of Karnataka, milk is given to children to protect them from disease. The community that raises or keeps donkeys pays him Rs. Sold at 50-100.

The Maldharis themselves use
Halari donkey milk. However, its proportion has also decreased now. Secondly, if productivity is required, the donkey gives 1-2 liters or less of milk daily. Sometimes outsiders also buy according to such need. Donkey's milk is not used in Gujarat at present.

Dwarka and Jamnagar panths in Gujarat have the highest population of Halari donkeys.

Rajasthan has expressed interest in creating a dairy in
order to start a dairy for halari ass milk halari ass milk, the research has become active in the issue of symbiosis organization Kutch works for the animals after the famous and making Rajasthan advika Foods wide variety of products from camel milk because of the effort the company in Gujarat Have shown readiness. Hitesh Rathi, founder of Advik Foods, said, "We met the donkey-raising community in Gujarat by keeping Sahajivan together. We are currently studying how to create a market for how much milk is available and in particular how to control the price.

Hitesh Rathi, who is facing a very high price , said that Halari donkey's milk costs Rs. It is rumored that prices can reach up to Rs 7,000 per liter. Practically speaking, this price is not feasible. If raw milk is available at such a high price, then the price of the product has to be kept very high. It is not that donkey milk products are not available in the international market. Currently, the global market is Rs. Powder is available at a price of 7000-8000 kg. It is very difficult to set up such a high priced market in the Indian market so there must be a realistic price.

Halari donkey species is on the verge of extinction
Ramesh Bhatti, project director of Sahajivan Sanstha, told Divyabhaskar that Halari donkey is the second best endangered species in India. According to the census we have done, there are only 1572 cattle in Dwarka, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Amreli and Junagadh in Gujarat at present. Dwarka and Jamnagar districts have the highest number of donkeys, as their original breed is there. Considering the declining population of Halari donkeys, Sahajivan Sanstha has sent a proposal to the Gujarat Animal Husbandry Department to stop the extinction of this species.

Halari donkeys look like small horses in appearance and have a greater ability to withstand loads.

Rs. Donkeys are sold for
Rs 25,000-30,000. Ramesh Bhatti said that the Rabari or Maldhari community in Saurashtra raises Halari donkeys. It is used to transport goods as well as to move from one place to another. In Vautha village of Dholka taluka of Ahmedabad district, a fair is held every year for the sale of donkeys. It sells and buys donkeys of various breeds from all over the country. The highest bidder in this fair is Halari donkey, which costs Rs. Sold at a price of 25,000-30,000.

Cattle breeders must be trained
according to the symbiosis of the organization, from the cattle breeder farming community, ass donkey halari comply with the need to give training to all types of milk pump. Halari donkeys are now used more in transportation and construction work. Information about the usefulness of its milk has just been received. Pastoralists are unaware of things like donkey care, hygiene etc. and their level of education is also very low.

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