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Friday, 1 January 2021

From the new year, Geo users will be able to make free calling on all networks, the company has launched the cheapest 4 plans ever.

Geo users enjoy: From the new year, Geo users will be able to make free calling on all networks, the company has launched the cheapest 4 plans ever.

The cheapest plan is Rs 129
All plans will feature unlimited free calling for other networks

Telecom company Reliance has launched its latest Happy New Year plan. The company has launched a total of 4 plans. It comes with 1 plan of 1GB data per day, 2 plans of 1.5GB data per day and a total of 2GB data for 30 days in one plan. For this plan, the company claims that this plan is the cheapest compared to the competitor. The starting price of this plan is Rs 129. From January 1, 2021, all local network calls will be free for Geo users.

Gio's Happy New Year Plan

Data Validity (in days) Geo Competitor
2GB 28 days 129 149
1GB / day 24 days 149 199
1.5GB / day 28 days 199 249
1.5GB / day 84 days 555 598

The suspense over whether to get SMS free on this plan is still there. All these plans offer unlimited free calling for other networks i.e. unlimited free calling can be done on Geo to Airtel, Vodafone / Idea, BSNL except Geo to Geo. Earlier the company used to allocate FUP minutes for this.

From January 1, the
new year will start with good news for free calling Geo users. Users will now be able to make free unlimited calling on Geo to other networks except Geo to Geo from January 1. Geo users across the country will be able to take advantage of this and this feature will be applicable to all networks.

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Until now, only Geo used to take IUC from the customers
. Airtel, Vodafone / Idea and BSNL offered free service for other network calling in their plans. Reliance Jio first imposed IUC charge on December 31 last year. According to this charge, the customer can make calls to other network users. For example, if you have 5 IUC minutes in a Rs 10 plan, you cannot call other users after this limit is met. For that, you have to recharge a plan again.

Google-Geo are developing a smartphone together
Reliance Jio is all set to launch a 4G feature phone again. It could be launched by next March. The company has made this decision in view of the work and study from home situation in the Corona period, as it has seen steady growth in the work, study and entertainment markets. The re-launch of Geo's new 4G phone is going to take place while the trial of Geo and Google Android smartphones is underway in India. Earlier this year, Google invested Rs 33,737 crore in a 7.7% stake in the Geo platform.

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