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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Welcome to Bindas Karshu 2021

Welcome to Bindas Karshu 2021:No restrictions for celebrations in New Zealand, crowds in Thailand will be zoned and views of Times Square from home

Difficult: Entry will be available only in pre-booked restaurants in Sydney, most programs will be live
Epidemic: The streets of London will surely be decorated, but there will be no people to celebrate

Celebrating the New Year means having fun on the ground and fireworks in the sky. Celebrations will be held in most parts of the world to welcome the year 2021, but many precautions will be taken because of the corona. Now while celebrating this one has to see how many people are around. Whether to wear a mask or not. Not only this, with the help of Kovid tracking app you can see how safe the atmosphere of celebration is.

Countries like Australia and New Zealand do not have any restrictions on New Year celebrations. Then many countries will have different types of restrictions. In some countries the celebration will take place, but people will be able to participate online.

So let us know how the year 2021 will be celebrated in the leading cities of the world and how different it will be compared to the year 2020 ....

Thailand: Crowds will be divided into different zones, Celebration, Kovid tracking app required

Crowds of people are starting to grow in Mbangkok’s Central World

Thailand has a plan to celebrate the New Year amid the epidemic. This will lead to celebrations, although with a lower risk of transition, the plan will be diverted with the distribution of crowds in different zones. There needs to be a nearby Covid-19 tracker app to take part in the celebration, so that you can be alerted when there is a transition around.
Celebrations will be held in most Thai cities, although New Year's celebrations have been canceled in Pattaya. Bangkok's shopping complex, Central World, is ablaze with lights. There are a lot of crowds here in the new year. People are arriving here this year too. It is the 11th largest shopping mall in the world.
Music concert skipped. Up to 40 per cent discount for domestic tourists: A music concert scheduled for January 15 in Bangkok has been canceled. That economy is dependent on tourism, although international tourists are not arriving. The Thai government is offering up to 40 per cent discount on hotels and air travel to attract domestic tourists.

New Zealand: 5 minutes of fireworks celebration without any control

This photo is of the Sky Tower on the shores of Auckland's Harbor Bridge, where fireworks will be set off on the night of December 31 - file photo

New Zealand is one of the countries where the New Year arrives first. In India it will be around 4:30 pm while in New Zealand it will be 12 midnight. The first big event of the new year will be held in Auckland, New Zealand. Welcome to the New Year with 5 minutes of fireworks on the Harbor Bridge here.
Auckland is the world's first large city without control: New Zealand's Auckland is the only single largest city in the world where the New Year begins without any control. The reason behind it is the management here. Better management and awareness to the New Zealand government and administration in curbing corona controls this growing epidemic.

Scotland: Join this virtual celebration so people don't feel lonely

People will enjoy the show from home in Edinburgh, Scotland. File photo

Edinburgh, Scotland has control over New Year's celebrations, although the option is ready. Has created an online program to entertain people. Its live telecast has started from 28th December. In addition the drone show will be organized so that it will be telecast live.
A number of Scottish celebrities, including actor David Tennant, Sloane Redmond, Lorne McFyden, will be present at the online programs to make New Year's Eve happy, so that people do not feel lonely even in their homes.

England: London will be decorated, but people will not take part in the event to cheer

1 million people arrive in London every year to watch New Year's Eve fireworks, but this year will have to watch its live telecast.-file photo

For the past two decades, special parties have not taken place in the streets of London on the banks of the River Thames. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has canceled the New Year event. However, London will be lavishly decorated this year as it is every year. The decorations and fireworks will be telecast live so the world can see it on TV.
1 lakh people come to see the fireworks: 1 lakh people come here every year to see the fireworks on the banks of the river Thames. The madness of the people towards this event can be gauged from it. Tickets were needed for this. In the year 2019, about Rs 22 crore was spent on this event.

America: There will be a New Year's countdown on Times Square, though virtually visible

The 2021 7-foot Numerals will be held at Times Square this year

Crowds will not be seen on the night of December 31 in New York Times Square, known for its 24-hour glow. As soon as the evening of December 31, New York police will stop the general public in Times Square. However, people will be able to see the virtual New Year's countdown and ball drop. Numerals of 7 feet will be held at Times Square this year.
In particular, the magnificent view of Times Square can be seen from the dome : American company Air BNB has designed a special type of dome to see the panoramic view of Times Square. The magnificent view of Times Square can be seen live on this screen. The dome will have a bed and a blanket. Where people can see these sights. It is priced at Rs 1,500.

Sydney: Pre-booked tourists to get entry to restaurants on New Year

Fireworks and military demonstrations on Sydney's Harbor Bridge do not allow people to enter. It will be telecast live-file photo

Most New Year's programs around the world are celebrated at night, but Australians' estimates of the celebration are somewhat different. The afternoon of 31 December will be part of the New Year’s program of ferry races, musical events and military demonstrations on Sydney’s Harbor Bridge. All of these programs have been canceled this year. Only people who have booked a restaurant in advance will be allowed on New Year's Day at Harbor Bridge.
Fireworks to be reduced this year to reduce pollution: Fireworks will also be less this year, given Corona's social distance and bushfire pollution. Even a program associated with a military demonstration will not have a live audience, people will be able to see virtually.
The Sydney administration has announced that all events could be canceled if Corona's case escalates. However, cases of corona are on the rise in the northern part. Doctors here are demanding a halt to New Year's celebrations. Yet the government has no control over the preparations for the celebrations.

Taiwan: No controls, New Year discounts on transport, special forces and trains

Mask required for entry to New Year's event in Taiwan's capital Taipei-file photo

Not a single local case of corona was reported in Taiwan from April to November, although one case was reported in December. No party will stop here though. The Taiwanese government has not imposed any restrictions on New Year's celebrations. Many types of discounts have been announced in the public transport service to attract tourists. Checkpoints have been set up for entry into the New Year party. Entry will be available without mask and only after checking body temperature.
Special buses and trains will run for the concert: Popular Taiwanese pop singer Diva will give a free concert in her hometown on New Year's Eve. Extra buses will also be run exclusively for the concert. 

Dubai: Ban on private parties, approval required for concerts

Read in Gujarati news 

The 2021 celebration in Dubai will be faint. The concert also requires the approval of the local administration. Dr. Saifi, spokesperson of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, shared the information on social media. He said private parties are banned.
The biggest attraction here is the Burj Khalifa. This time you have to pre-book from the app to see the fireworks here. Even after booking, social distance will have to be maintained and it will be necessary to wear a mask.

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