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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Top Animated Gujarati Balvarta Video

The school atmosphere is good in sports education. The instinct of the game is natural, from birth the child becomes sharp in his intellect to play the game. The child is just beginning. If we observe properly, we will find that the desire to be king is strong.  The story of a warrior's bravery, adventure and exploration develop his intellect through many games. Matej likes the current newcomer. 

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Sports educators who increase the child's intelligence and give him the skills he deserves. Advocates. In the Montessori method seed game itself (6) Relation to education: What the child is interested in is established. Education becomes fruitful only with the physical disturbance of the child through play. Just putting gondi in the room increases mental agility. Even useful knowledge cannot be taught with concentration. 

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The physical teacher should devise. Individual education is implemented. The benefits of the game happen in two ways? External law (1) Internal, (2) External (1) Exercise, (2) Pleasure, (3) Habit of organizing has internal advantages, (4) Obedience, (5) Agility, (6) Punctuality, ( 1) Sense: Word, touch, form, taste, smell, these five (7) Tolerance (8) All Sense - All Sense Development.

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 Game Classification This advantage is first and foremost among the second advantage of the game. 1. Socialized with tools (2): Every child has different temperament 2. Without tools and differences in their thinking and behavior so many desi games are without tools and some desi games do not promote co-operation and the supposed work is negligible. Falls . While the pish of the Western game is not going away. 

The distance between the two is like the Himalayas of thought and the awkwardness is known. 3. Some games: boy-girl play differently. Falls . These faults are removed from the game and harmony and love 4. According to the composition: grows. Sport is the gateway to society.  We do not have self-confidence. Even in a child (a) there is no restraint by making a vertical line.  Obeying the above order is the only hope of victory.

We are provoked by the word order.  Only he who obeys the order of the other can pass the order to the other (d). The child or teacher of the game knows how important it is to cultivate these qualities and to exercise restraint during a sports competition.

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