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Monday, 28 December 2020

Temperatures in Ahmedabad are likely to drop below 10 degrees Celsius Ahmedabad

Coldwave: Temperatures in Ahmedabad are likely to drop below 10 degrees Celsius

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It will be freezing cold in different parts of the state from December 28 to 30

Due to the cold wind blowing from North India, the cold in Gujarat is increasing day by day. For the second day in a row, the average minimum temperature has been recorded below the average temperature in many cities of Gujarat. Once again, a record-breaking cold snap has been forecast by the meteorological department as mercury plummeted to 3.2 degrees. 

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The meteorological department has forecast low pressure in the South Arabian Sea, causing large currents in the sea. The meteorological department has issued an alert for fishermen, instructing all fishermen in the state, big and small, not to venture into the South Arabian Sea. Temperatures are also expected to remain low for two days due to western disturbances.

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Cyclonic circulation in western Rajasthan The
maximum temperature in Ahmedabad rose by 0.2 degrees, while the average minimum temperature rose by 1.1 degrees above normal with 13.4 degrees. During the next 3 days, the average minimum temperature in Ahmedabad may be between 10 and 12 degrees.

 The lowest temperature was recorded in Naliya at 8 degrees last night. Apart from this, other places where the temperature is below 13 degrees include Gandhinagar with 12 degrees and Deesa with 12.2 degrees. The cold may increase over the next 3 days as the minimum temperature drops to 3 degrees.

Read in Gujarati news 

It will be freezing cold from December 28 to 30.
Snowfall in North India will increase the cold in Gujarat. From December 28 to 30, there will be freezing cold in different parts of the state, with strong winds blowing in different parts of Gujarat, including Ahmedabad. The minimum temperature in North Gujarat is expected to drop by 7 degrees. Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar is also expected to have a temperature of 8 degrees. The flash of killer cold in Gujarat has remained the same even on the second day. Naliya has been chilly with 3.2 degrees in the state. The meteorological department has forecast record-breaking cold in North Gujarat. December recorded a temperature of 6.7 degrees Celsius, Kandla Airport 5.5 degrees Celsius, Gandhinagar 7.5 degrees Celsius and Keshod 8 degrees Celsius.

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