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Saturday, 19 December 2020

Starting from Kerala, 1.98 lakh patients were found in the lockdown, the speed increased by 725% if exempted

How did the number of coro patients in India reach 10 million ?: Starting from Kerala, 1.98 lakh patients were found in the lockdown, the speed increased by 725% if exempted

 The first infected person was found in Kerala on January 30. In the 324 days since then, the figure has risen from one to one crore. So far, more than 1.45 lakh people have lost their lives due to the infection. 

However, it is a matter of relief that the recovery rate of Corona patients in the country is also much higher. So far 95.41% i.e. more than 95 lakh people have recovered. 

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Corona peaked in September
and between April and May, two to five thousand new cases were coming up in the country every day. In June this increased to five to twenty thousand. Every day in July, 20 to 57 thousand people started getting infected. In August, the figure was between 60,000 and 75,000. Up to 97,000 cases were registered in a single day in September. On September 17 the country had a peak of corona. Meaning when most people were found infected.

As of September 17, there were 10.17 lakh active patients in the country, the highest ever. Active patient means a patient who is undergoing treatment since there has been a steady decline in active cases. Now there are only 3.05 lakh such patients in the country, who are undergoing treatment, the rest have recovered or have died.


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Corona grew in the country

On January 30, a 20-year-old woman from the Chinese city of Wuhan was found infected with corona. This was the first case in the country.
As on February 3, three new cases had been reported in Kerala alone. All of these people had returned from a trip abroad.
As of March 3, a total of six cases had been reported in the country.
On March 4, a report from 14 members of a tourist group in Italy came back positive.
On March 12, a 76-year-old Corona patient who had returned from Saudi Arabia died. This was the first death in the country since the transition.
On March 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a public curfew.
On March 24 the Prime Minister announced a lockdown for 21 days. The lockdown took effect on March 25.
The lockdown was extended from April 14 to May 3. It was then doubled.
The lockdown increased from 3 May to 17 May and then from 17 to 31 May.
The lockdown began on June 1 and so far the entire country has been almost completely open.

With the release of the lockdown, the speed of corona increased
and from March 25 to May 31, 1.98 lakh people were found infected with corona in the country. Corona's speed increased as soon as he was released from the lockdown. New cases began to emerge at a rate of 725%. By July 16, the number of infected had reached one million. In the next 21 days, 10 lakh to 20 lakh patients became. The fastest 40 to 50 lakh cases took only 11 days.

27% of corona patients
in 11 cities The highest impact of the infection is in 11 cities, including the capital Delhi, Mumbai. 27% of the country's corona patients are in these same cities. These are the cities where most people have lost their lives. It has five cities in Maharashtra and two in West Bengal. Not a single city in UP, the country's largest state, is included in the list.

160 million people were tested, of which 6.25% were found to be infected. So
far 160 million people have been tested in the country, meaning 11% of the country's population has been tested. Of these, 6.25% reported positive. Maharashtra has the highest number of patients. The positivity rate here is 15.8%. In addition, corona patients are being found in Goa at 13.1%, Chandigarh at 11.4%, Nagaland at 10% and Kerala at 9.7%.

A little special information

Uttar Pradesh is at the forefront in terms of testing. 22 million people have been investigated here.
The highest 12% active patient is in Himachal Pradesh.
Dadra & Nagar Haveli is at the forefront in terms of recovery. 98.8% of the people here have recovered so far. In Andhra Pradesh, 98.7% people have recovered.
Punjab is ahead in terms of death rate. 3.2% of patients have died here so far. In Maharashtra, 2.6% of patients have died.

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