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Friday, 18 December 2020

Sbi Quick Samadhan, finder and Holiday Calander

   SBI Quick - Missed Call Banking is an application of SBI that provides banking services by making a missed call or sending SMS with predefined keywords to predefined mobile numbers.

  SBI Quick Services includes:

  Account Services:
  1. Balance Inquiry
  2. Mini statement
  3. Check the book request
  A. month e-statement of the month a
  5. Education Loan Interest E-Certificate
  6. Home Loan Interest E-Certificate
  ATM card management
  1. Blocking an ATM card

  - Promptly send the activation code received on the mobile handset to successfully complete the process

  Prime Minister's Social Security Schemes
  - Subscription to PM's Social Security Schemes (PMJJBY and PMSBY)

  SBI Holiday Calendar


SBI  Calander PDF 

  What if I have two bank account numbers with the same mobile number?

  You can register 1 mobile number for any account.  If you want to change the mapped account number, you need to first de-register SBI Quick from the account and then register for another account.

  Is it mandatory that the mobile number to be used for SBI Quick should be registered in the bank for that particular account?
  Yes.  If not completed, visit the Home Branch and update the mobile number.

  Is it available for all types of accounts?
  SBI Quick is currently available for SB / CA / OD / CC accounts.

Gujarat Police Constable Model Paper PDF 3

  How is this feature different from Yono Light or Yono?

  There are 2 different differences:
  1. You do not need a login ID or password to use this feature.  Only one-time registration from the mobile number recorded with the bank for that particular account.
  2. SBI Quick only offers check and ATM block services.  Unlike State Bank Nowhere or State Bank Freedom, there are no transaction services available.

  Is there a limit to the number of inquiries that can be made in a day/month?
  Currently, there are no such restrictions.  Unlimited.

  Is there a charge for this service?
  1. The service is currently free from the bank.
  2. The call for balance check or mini statement will contain a 4 second IVR message which will be heard after 3-4 rings.
  a.  If you disconnect the call while ringing, you will not be charged by the service provider.
  Any SMS sent to 56. 7 567676 to.  E.g.  Premium rates will be charged by your service provider for blocking ATM cards.

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