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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

'Physical Safety Key': At one time net companies changed security rules with a 'virtual key', the 'key' to securing an FB account.

'Physical Safety Key': At one time net companies changed security rules with a 'virtual key', the 'key' to securing an FB account.

Image of Physical Safety Key

The way to protect FB from hackers is to launch a key that will provide security

For years the security of our home-institutions was based on locks-keys. Then came the age of technology, when Internet companies changed the method and rules of security by introducing 'virtual keys' in the form of passwords. The security of the house-shop, the vault was also protected by the password. Bank accounts, lockers, home security systems also need a 'virtual key'. Now that these same technology companies are starting to believe in the old-fashioned key, what would you say?

Facebook's new announcement Facebook
, the world's largest social media company, has recently announced that it will provide a 'physical septic key' to users around the world from next year to strengthen data security. According to Nathaniel Glicker, Facebook's head of security policy, users can buy tokens or physical keys from various retailers. It can also be purchased online. It can be used as soon as you register with Facebook.

Technology also binds to security
Facebook has said that hackers target information linked to the social media handles of celebrities from various fields. Just because you are not a CEO or a big leader does not mean that you are not an important person in your field or that no one will target you. Facebook has so far used two-step verification and real-time monitoring systems to ward off hackers. But the launch of the 'Physical Safety Key' has proved that even technology companies have finally adopted years-old safety standards.

Ordinary users can now use this key
Facebook believes that if users use this security key, hackers will not be able to access their account. Even if it breaks the password. Until now, Facebook has provided such a virtual key to high-profile account holders such as American leaders, government agencies and polling officials. From next year, ordinary users around the world will be able to use the 'Physical Safety Key' before logging in to a mobile app and desktop.

A key that can be inserted into a USB port, not a price disclosure is like a

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