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Thursday, 24 December 2020

One out of every 10 gamers has an ID stolen, with Rs 25.5 lakh crore at stake worldwide

Gaming Lovers Beware !: One out of every 10 gamers has an ID stolen, with Rs 25.5 lakh crore at stake worldwide

One-third (33%) of gamers worldwide have suffered at the hands of fraudsters
Before you start gaming, think about how to avoid fraudsters and hackers

The epidemic has led to a boom in the online gaming sector. But a report has come up with shocking figures. According to the report, one out of every 10 gamers has an ID stolen and could be worth more than $ 347 billion (Rs 25.5 lakh crore) globally.

For companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, 2020 has been a year of record-breaking sales as millions of people stayed home during the epidemic.

33 percent of gamers damaging cheating the workers of
cyber-security firm kesaparaskaina global search anusaka, one-third (33 per cent) of those who had to endure the loss of gamers fraud. According to 5,031 gamers surveyed in 17 countries, about a fifth (19 percent) have also been annoyed while playing.

Many people deleted the game
due to stress. All 31 percent of the games surveyed found stress and anxiety. In conclusion, it is quite disappointing as K-Stress Relief as most (62 per cent) moved on to gaming, romance (62 per cent) and then friendship (46 per cent) due to stress. This worrying activity is even more prevalent in Russia (44%), Saudi Arabia (27%), Turkey (28%) and the United States (27%).

Decide in advance how to avoid
fraudsters Casparsky's head of consumer product marketing Marina Titova said: "It's important to think before you start gaming , how you can avoid fraudsters and hackers or be wary. Doing this initial work means you can overcome those fears and focus on enjoying the game.

Don't blindly trust e-mail
According to the report, PC games should be preferred to buy games that are available for purchase on popular platforms such as Steam and GeoG or official development sites.
The report suggests that the official store always offers wonderful discounts, even free games. But many e-mail offers can be a scam so it would be best to go to the developer or store's website to see if the discount is mentioned or not if it is not genuine. Receive a debit card for online shopping and use it as needed instead of linking all your savings cards.

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