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Sunday, 27 December 2020

NMMS Scholarship 2020

 NMMS Scholarship 2020 - National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) is offered by MHRD, Government of India. There are almost. Students are awarded 1 lakh NMMS scholarships every year. Students must appear in the written entrance exam of NMMS 2020 Scholarship to be eligible. The NMMS 2020 exam will be held on December 12, 13 and 20. The NMMS 2020 Scholarship Examination is conducted by the State Relevant Education Research Training (SCERT) for their respective State.

The NMMS 2020 Scholarship Application Form has been issued by various meetings and some states will soon release this application form. The NMMS 2020 Scholarship Application Form will be available in both online, online and offline flight mode. Students who qualify for the NMMS 2020 Scholarship Examination with minimum required marks will be eligible to receive the scholarship amount. 

આ પણ વાંચો: પ્રધાનમંત્રી આવાસ યોજના 2020

This article contains all the relevant details of NMMS 2020 Scholarship such as application form, eligibility criteria, examination pattern, syllabus, result etc. Go to the full article to know in detail about NMMS 2020 Scholarship

Central Sector Plan National Earth-cum-Merit

Scholarship scheme
Plan 1.0:

1.1 Under this scheme 100,000 scholarships are given to the gifted or meritorious

Parental income of students is Rs. 1,50,000 / - per annum

All sources. Each State / UT has a fixed quota of Apprenticeship Scholarships

From the respective age group of eighth and eighth class. Will provide the plan

Reservation of students in various categories as per State / UT norms; Like

1.2 This scholarship will be given to the students studying on an annual basis

Regular ninth grade students in government, support and local organization

Schools will be renovated on tenth, twelfth and twelfth basis. Thus scholarship

Will last a maximum of four years.

1.3 Scholarship amount Rs. 12000 / - per annum @ Rs. 1000 per month.

1.4 A separate examination will be conducted by the State Governments / United States Schools

Administration for selection of students for National Minscom-Merit Scholarship Award in States / UTs.

Procedure for selection of winning students:

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National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship. Can give state level examination

The following two tests are included:

(i) Mental Ability Test (MAT)
(ii) Scholarship Aptitude Test (SAT)
3.2 Students should have at least 55% marks or equivalent grade in 8th standard
Examination to appear in the selection test for the Scholarship Award (Able to Relax)
5% for SC / ST students). Students should study in as a regular studen
Government, government aided and local institution schools.
2.3 Mental Ability Test 90 Multiple-choice questions may include oral tests
And non-verbal meta-cognitive abilities such as reasoning and critical thinking. This
The questions in the test can be on similarity, classification, numerical range, pattern
Vision, hidden figure etc.

3.4 Scholastic Aptitude Test can cover multiple choice questions
Subjects i.e., Science, Social Studies and Mathematics VII are taught
The. 2.5 Test duration
Each test will have a duration of 90 minutes. Will be given to disabled children
Extra time, as applicable.
Results. Results Announcement of results
1.1 For the selection of students, the following conditions may apply:
(i) Students must pass both the exams i.e. MAT and SAT with at least 40% marks
Overall taken simultaneously for these two tests. For SC / ST students, this is truncated
There will be 32% marks.
(ii) The student must have at the time of selection for the scholarship award
Achieved at least 55% mark or equivalent grade in 8th standard examination. There



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Distribution of S.0 Scholarship

1.1 Students can get only one scholarship under any scheme.
2.2 Prizes will have to be opened in SBI, or any public preferred bank account

Proposal and approval of funds from the annual budget provision for the release of SBI,
To their bank accounts by electronic transfer.

Upper classes.

S. SBI will ensure that scholarship recipients are paid at the same time (Rs. 12,000)
Immediately after receiving funding and inventory from the Ministry.
6.6 SBI will instruct some of its branches to coordinate with the state education department
In terms of scholarship payments.
5. General eligibility conditions
1.1 The awardee is eligible for the scholarship if he / she:
i. Study in recognized courses.
ii. Maintains good behavior as certified by the head of the college ledge / institution

Continues his studies as a regular student with government / government assistance
/ Local organization.
iii. Do not absent yourself without proper leave.
iv. Study on a full time basis.
V. No one takes the job.
.2.5 No scholarship will be available for study abroad for any course.
.3..3 Scholarships No claims remaining will be entertained after the expiration of 12 months
Academic session for which someone has applied for a claim.
.4..4 If an award leaves its course within one month of its completion
Registration / admission, no scholarship will be paid to him / her.

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