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Saturday, 26 December 2020

News from around the world in pictures:

News from around the world in pictures: the Vatican celebrates Christmas in Corona, millions gather in 2019: Killer cold likely in coming days

Neverland has acquired a new owner of the magnificent mansion of the late American pop singer Michael Jackson based in California but this mansion has sold for only 2. 22 million or 160 crores. The mansion was bought by Jack Berkeley, a former Jackson collaborator. 

The mansion was previously valued at 10 100 million. The mansion has several guesthouses, a 50-seat movie theater and a swimming pool.

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Christmas becomes a source of peace for humanity: Pope

Pope Francis celebrates Christmas with only 100 people at St. Peter's Basilica Church in Vatican City. Last year millions of people from all over the world arrived here, but this year no one came here to beat Corona. For the first time in Vatican history, Christmas was celebrated in the presence of 100 people.

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In his message, the pope said, "Christmas is a source of faith, love, brotherhood and peace for all of us." I see the poor, the unemployed and the refugees as my brothers and sisters. I ask the Lord for help. '

Floods in Bedfordshire, England, hundreds displaced

Bedfordshire in England was flooded by the Great Oas River after heavy rains. More than 1,300 people have been forced to flee the area. Serious flood warnings have also been issued.

Boat sinks in Tunisia, killing 20 migrants, including 4 pregnant women

A boat with migrants sank in central Tunisia. The accident, which took place in the Sfax region, killed 20 people, including four pregnant women, while 13 others were reported missing.

The suspense of the Nashville Blast
continued for several kilometers in Nashville, but the mystery of how the blast occurred and whether there was a terrorist attack has yet to be revealed.

Examined on the spot after the explosion of the American nesavilemam the police team. Some reports said human body parts were found at the site of the blast. However, no official information has been received yet.

Extreme cold snap warning in the coming days After heavy snowfall in November, the Meteorological Department has now issued a cold snap warning in the last days of December. Heavy fog is also seen in many parts of the country.

A view of dense fog in the Hasdev river of Raipur.

Heavy snowfall again hit Himachal Pradesh on December 25. Sisu Sarovar in Lahaul-Spiti has frozen in the bone-chilling cold.

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