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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

New Year's party ban in Bengaluru, night curfew in Mumbai, Shimla and Manali turned the tide on preparations for the celebrations

New Year preparations in the country: New Year's party ban in Bengaluru, night curfew in Mumbai, Shimla and Manali turned the tide on preparations for the celebrations

Trouble: In most big cities, going out at night is banned, celebrations will be held in homes.
Inflation: Due to lack of restrictions, New Year celebrations will be expensive in Goa

Celebrating the New Year in the country this time will not be so easy. Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mysore and Puducherry, famous for their grand New Year celebrations, will not have the same picture as before. The least control is in Goa, although celebrating the New Year here amidst inflation will not be so easy.

So let us know about the cities across the country which are famous for New Year celebrations, what is their condition and how to celebrate New Year in full report ....

Mysore: The fireworks-lit Mysore Palace will be golden this year

About 6 million tourists visit Mysore Palace every year. The glittering palace from the Winter Festival is quiet this time. New Year celebrations will not be held here due to the night curfew.

The Mysore Palace in Karnataka has been hosting the Winter Festival since December 24 this year. A large number of tourists come here to see the fireworks. This year, however, the administration has imposed a complete ban on the Winter Festival. According to C. Narayan Goda, president of the Mysore Hotel Owners Association, no major hotel in Mysore is preparing for a New Year party this year. A night curfew has been in place in Karnataka since December 23 and will continue till January 2.

Goa: There are no strict restrictions here

The atmosphere of the New Year party in Goa will be spectacular. Every year on 31st December, 25 to 30 grand parties are organized here. 10 big parties will be organized here this year.

The New Year can be celebrated in Goa, as there are no strict restrictions from the administration here. 10 big parties are planned on December 31 in Goa. Every year 30 big parties are organized here. Goa is a better destination this year to celebrate the New Year without any control in the epidemic.
According to Pune-based travel agency Shri Vinayak Holidays' Honor Santosh Gupta, cabs to Goa, Mahabaleshwar and Lonavla have increased by 40 per cent for the new year. A recent survey by travel company Go Ibibo found that 60 per cent of Indians want to celebrate the New Year at a tourist destination with beaches or hills.

This is Shimla's Mall Road. There are spectacular Christmas and New Year celebrations every year, but this year there will be silence due to the night curfew.

Night curfew will be in force in Shimla, Mandi, Kangra and Kulla in Himachal Pradesh till January 5. The timing of the curfew was from 9pm to 6am, but it is allowed an hour before Christmas. Now the curfew seems to be from 10 p.m. Every kind of public gathering is forbidden here. If you are going to Shimla or Manali to celebrate New Year, you can spend a peaceful time in the mountains, but you cannot celebrate New Year party.

Mumbai: Night curfew will be in place in Mysore. New year will start in
Mumbai. Night curfew will be in force till January 5. The event around Gateway of India will also not take place this year.

Night curfew will be in force in Mumbai starting the new year. The Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has ordered the closure of restaurants, hotels, bars and food courts here from 11 pm to 6 am. A night curfew has been imposed in Britain since December 21 following the corona's new strain, which will remain in effect until January 5. A maximum of 50 people can gather in one place before 8 p.m.
Even in Pune, New Year's grand parties are not special. The president of the Pune Association of Clubs said that on December 31, all club managers were avoiding organizing a big party in view of the social distance.

BENGALURU: Ban on New Year's celebrations, not even out of the house at night
This is Church Street in Bengaluru. Every year on the night of 31st December there is a crowd of people here. New Year celebrations will not be held here this year due to night curfew (file photo)

Celebrations at MG Road, Brigade Road and Church Street are the hallmarks of Newar in Bengaluru. These three places will be smooth during the Corona period this year. Bengaluru Municipal Corporation Commissioner Manjunath Prasad said there would be a complete ban on all New Year celebrations in pubs and restaurants this year. The Karnataka government has also issued guidelines for banning Christmas and New Year parties in the state. Night curfew will be in force from December 23 to January 2. Only the necessary program can be done, in which it is necessary to follow the Kovid guideline.

Puducherry: Rules will include parties, open spaces will be celebrated not
only in the New Year, but also in other festivals in January amid the ban. New parties will be organized in the open on the beach. In the meantime it will be necessary to adhere to the mask and social distance.

The New Year party on Beach Road in Puducherry attracts a large number of locals as well as tourists. The administration has implemented new guidelines for beach parties. Organizers of all beach parties have been instructed to keep the number of guests involved in the celebration to a minimum. The party will be organized in open spaces.

It is mandatory to observe the mask and social distance even at the open party here. CM V. Narayanaswamy says not only New Year, but also festivals like Seni Peyarchi and Pongal will be celebrated amid strict ban.

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