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Monday, 21 December 2020

Maths Puzzle With Answer, Test Your Brain

Hello friends how are you and today I have come up with a good and fun post for you and below is all the information

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The solution to the first 4 digits is pretty straight forward, and I am sure most of you must have easily got it.

It works out to be a+b+c = (a*b)(a*c)??
The last 2 digits are really tough to crack…
Here’s how you do it. Reverse of {(a×b)+(a×c)-c}
So the number would (a×b),(a×c),{(a×b)+(a×c)-c}reverse.
So for 1st one: 3+5+6=151872;
axb = 3×5 = 15; axc = 3×6 = 18;
{(a×b)+(a×c)-c} = ((3×5)+(3×6)-6} = 27
— Reverse of 27 is 72
So 9+4+7=_______?
axb = 9×4 = 36;
axc = 9×7 = 63;
{(a×b)+(a×c)-c} = ((9×4)+(9×7)-7} = (36+63-7)=92
— Reverse of 92 is 29.

Answer : Hence 9+4+7 = 366329

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