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Friday, 18 December 2020

Just waiting for approval, India is also getting ready to vaccinate against corona; Know how?

The process of vaccination from national to block level has been decided.
We will help in vaccination of technical platforms like Co-WIN

Coronavirus vaccination campaigns have been launched in many countries, including Britain and the United States. In most countries, only mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Bioentech are being used. Following the lessons learned from there and following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Government of India has also made full preparations for vaccination. The plan has been prepared from national to block level. Necessary training has also started at many levels.

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First of all, what is the current status of vaccines?
Vaccines have also gained momentum in India in the last few months. 

The Serum Institute of India (SII), which is currently working with Pfizer, India Biotech, which is making indigenous vaccine-contain, and the British company AstraZeneca, has also sought emergency approval for its vaccine in India.

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A meeting of the Regulator's Subject Expert Committee was also held last week. In it he has asked for some data from all three companies. It is hoped that SII will hand over the required data to the regulator within 10 days. This allows the vaccine to receive emergency approval by the first week of January. Delays in approval of the remaining vaccines are possible.

What happens after vaccine approval?

  • Three vaccines are currently seeking emergency approval. If any of them get approval, the vaccination process will speed up. According to the plan made by the government, the process has been decided from the national to the block level.
  • With this the government has created a digital platform-Covid-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-WIN). At the behest of the central government, the states have started uploading data on health workers. 
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  • Voter lists for Lok Sabha and Assembly elections are being used to identify people over the age of 50. At the same time, if a person is below 50 years of age, but belongs to a high risk group, he can also do self-registration.

This is how self-registration can be done on the app created by the government to administer the Covid-19 vaccination ...
(1) The app can be downloaded for free. This will help record vaccine data.
(2) If someone wants a vaccine, they can register it themselves.
(3) There are 5 modules on the Co-WIN platform ટર Administrator, Registration, Vaccination, Beneficiary Acknowledgment and Report.
(4) The Administrator module is for administrators conducting vaccination sessions. Through this module they can create sessions and deploy vaccinators and managers related to it.
(5)The registration module will be for people who want to register themselves for vaccination. Surveyors or local governments can also upload data.
(6) Beneficiary details and vaccination status will be updated in the vaccination module.
(7) The Beneficiary Acknowledgment Module will send an SMS to the Beneficiary and also issue QR (Matrix Barcode) -based certificates after vaccination.
(8) Reports will be prepared in the report module on how many vaccine sessions have been conducted? How many people have been vaccinated? And how many people dropped out?

What happens after registration on Co-WIN?

  • This procedure is going to be the most important in vaccination. Confirmation will be taken from those who have registered on Co-WIN. Other information including their residence, their mobile number will be received. So that they can be taken to the vaccination booth.
  • To a large extent the process of vaccination is going to be like an election. In some states, vaccinations are being prepared at polling booths or grounds. This will be the responsibility of state and district officials. It will decide where the vaccination booth will be set up.

How long will it take a person at the vaccination booth?

  • Vaccination will be based on registration on Co-WIN. It is clear that if you are going to get the vaccine on a certain day, you will be informed in advance. The whole process will take one to two hours.
  • In fact, registration on Co-WIN is required before the vaccine can be given. There will also be no on-the-spot registration facility. There will be a staff of five people at the vaccination booth or site to vaccinate 100 people in one session.
  • They will be monitored for 30 minutes after vaccination. So that if any side effect occurs, it can be treated immediately. 
  • The person will be tracked by Co-WIN even after vaccination. So that there is no confusion. This will allow only vaccines available in the city to be administered.
  • If there is enough logistics and space available in the waiting room and observation room at the booth and at the same time the crowd can be managed then one more vaccinator officer can be involved there. It will cover 200 people.

What kind of training is being given on vaccination?

  • The matter is being worked out quickly. The Center has started sending the necessary equipment for storage and handling of vaccines to the states. Meetings of State Steering Committees and State Task Force have been held in 36 States and Union Territories.
  • It has become a training module for Medical Officers, Vaccinator Officers, Alternate Vaccinator Officers, Cold Chain Handlers, Supervisors, Data Managers, Asha Coordinators. Their virtual / online platforms as well as physical training have started. 
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  • The carrier's lid will remain closed until a person arrives at the vaccination center to be vaccinated. Vaccines will not have an expiry date on Vial Monitors (VVM) and Vaccine-19 vaccines.

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