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Thursday, 10 December 2020

How to deal with children ?:If children are saddened by defeat, explain to them that defeat and victory are part of the game

There are many challenges facing parents. As children get older, their needs change. Many of these types of feelings go hand in hand and go through many changes.

Many times you may have noticed that children seem to behave differently by staying in a peer group. Feelings of competitiveness develop within children up to 5 years of age. It stays inside them longer. In the meanwhile they do not like any kind of defeat and neither can they see anyone else going beyond them. They always consider themselves the winners. A different kind of feeling develops within them, which is reflected in their behavior.

If children have a feeling of competitiveness
it is difficult to understand what they need to understand but what is ultimately what children like and what is their reaction to something and what do they want? Linda Bellanton Morrad, who lives in Texas, says her 5-year-old cries at school, at home and in dance classes. The spirit of competition within him is the reason.

 They don't want to play a game they can't win. 

On the other hand, experts in the case believe that dealing with the spirit of competition is a long process. At this point it is important to understand what stage the children are at and what kind of emotions are inside them. So it is necessary to pay attention and guide their personality at this stage.

What is the development level of children?
By the age of 5, most children begin to memorize the rules of the game, says Clinic Associate Professor Shelley Bevail Hunter. They put all their energy into remembering it. The rules of the game are necessary for them. Not only do they miss the rule but they also get upset if it is not followed in the game.

Emotionally in pre- and early elementary school children learn to control their emotions themselves. At this stage they also make right and wrong decisions.

In a study conducted in the United States, 5-year-olds were given two choices. The first choice was that each child would be given a sticker. The second choice was to give two stickers to one child and three stickers to the other children. The children selected the first choice. It shows that children do not like to be treated well.

Clinical psychologist BK Kennedy says that in order to meet the feelings of competition in children, their emotions should be pre-regulated. They should be told before the game that win-lose is part of the game. There is no need to despair. Children can be motivated if they lose. Children's behavior is linked to their development. It reveals the conditions under which they have developed and how their emotions can be controlled.

Before any game or competition we should estimate the mood of the children. This will make it easier for us to understand the behavior of children. There is a feeling among the children about this kind of competition.Facebook

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