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Monday, 21 December 2020

He quit his job and started making animal feed, a turnover of Rs 60 lakh in his first year

Today's positive news: He quit his job and started making animal feed, a turnover of Rs 60 lakh in his first year

Vipin Dangi, who lives in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, supplies animal feed to the surrounding villages. Now they are preparing to expand their business.

4 people work with Vipin, more than 3 thousand are their regular customers
It currently produces 2 to 3 tons of animal feed per day and then sends it to market.

Vipin Dangi, a resident of Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh, comes from a farming family. He was working part time in a hospital in Indore rather than studying due to financial constraints. After completing his studies, he joined a full time job. The salary was fine, but I didn't feel like working. VP quit his job in 2018 and returned to the village.

In the village he started a milk trade. This, however, hurt them. He then started making and selling animal feed. His hard work paid off and in a few days he started making a profit. Today Vipin trades more than 5 lakh per month.

Vipin said he has more than 3,000 regular customers in the village near Rajgarh.

VP, 26, graduated in microbiology from Indore. He said the milk trade was not profitable in terms of cost. I lost more than Rs 2 lakh. For the next 6 months I kept collecting information about different jobs on the internet. During this time it occurred to me that the people of the village have cattle, but they cannot bring nutritious food for them. There is also no company around that prepares animal feed. I wondered what it would be like to make money in this sector. I started preparing animal feed in September 2019.

Vipin said the biggest challenge was to get the food ready and deliver it to the farmers. For this he created a marketing strategy. Printed some pamphlets, then started preaching with a speaker on a cart. This method was successful. Gradually their customer base began to grow. They now have more than 3,000 regular customers in many villages around Rajgarh.

Today Vipin prepares 2 to 3 tons of animal feed every day. A ton of animal feed costs around Rs 17,000, which we sell at Rs 18,000. 4 more people also work with it.

Vipin prepares 2 to 3 tons of animal feed per day, for which he has installed a processing unit and a machine.

Vipin will soon expand trade to Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and other districts of Madhya Pradesh. He has also hired staff for this, who provide information about the product to the public through a promotional vehicle. It also conducts training camps for farmers and pastoralists every week. It gives tips on how to take care of animals and keep them healthy. He also tells them about the peculiarities of his animal diet.

Vipin further says that raw material is most required for the preparation of animal feed, for which he gives first priority to farmers. The grain for making animal feed is bought from the village farmers, while the khali buys it from the local oil factory.

Vipin conducts training camps every week, with tips on caring for animals and keeping them healthy.

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How to prepare animal feed
Vipin said that to make animal feed, grains like cotton, groundnut, soybean, maize, maize, sorghum, wheat as well as lentil husk are required as they are rich in protein. After mixing all in a certain proportion, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iodine, copper, cobalt are added to it, which is ground again in a grinder. Packing is done after the whole processing.

Vipin explains why food is important for animals, usually the farmer feeds the animals only grass and chaff. They do not get the required nutrients. This not only harms their health but also prevents them from producing more milk. This diet is a complete food, which has all the necessary elements, which should meet a healthy animal, which should be fed morning and evening. This increases the milk with health benefits.

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