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Thursday, 24 December 2020

Hawaii volcano erupts, lava erupts, lake: US blizzard, hundreds of flights canceled

News from around the world in pictures: Hawaii volcano erupts, lava erupts, lake: US blizzard, hundreds of flights canceled

The lava in the volcano was rising at a speed of 3 feet per hour. Eventually the volcano began to erupt and caused lava to fly up to a height of 82 feet.

Terrible eruption in Hawaii volcano, erupting lava lake The lava in
a volcano on the island of Hawaii was rising at a speed of 3 feet per hour. Eventually the volcano began to erupt and caused lava to fly up to a height of 82 feet. This has created a lake of erupting lava around the volcano. The Kilauea volcano has erupted 54 times since 1952.

Scientists have warned that ash could fly up to 30,000 feet from the active volcano on the island of Hawaii. Due to which there is a possibility of obstruction in air transport.

Joyride to resume in Darjeeling from Christmas
Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) will resume toy train Joyride from Darjeeling and Ghoom stations in West Bengal from Christmas. The toy train was previously shut down due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The toy train will resume from Joyride Christmas.

Blizzards in the United
States Blizzards have hit South Dakota and Minneapolis in the United States, causing temperatures to drop below zero degrees Celsius. Minneapolis is the busiest travel hub in the Upper Midwest, with at least 330 flights canceled or delayed. Many highways have also been closed due to the snow.

Blizzards in the United States caused temperatures to drop below zero degrees Celsius.

Maryam Nawaz surrounds Imran Khan
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam Nawaz has targeted Prime Minister Imran Khan based on one of his statements.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a coalition of opposition forces in Pakistan, is all set to march on Islamabad after the mega rally in Lahore, demanding the resignation of the Imran government.

Baby Dolphin
Rescued A dolphin, one of the most wonderful aquatic animals in the world, was rescued when a dolphin from San Francisco's San Clemente del Tuu was rescued from the shores of the Mundo Marino Foundation.

Baby Francisco's dolphin San Clemente sank off the coast of Del Tu, which is now being adequately cared for after being rescued. After a while it will be released into the sea.

Cold wave across the
country is deploying winter in the country. While it is freezing cold in Gujarat, there is no possibility of any relief from the cold in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The next 2 days in Punjab will see heavy foggy weather with cold snap. A two-day orange alert has also been issued in Bihar following the cold snap.

In Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, the animals also took a morning walk out of concern for their health.

The bone-chilling cold is accompanied by heavy fog. Punjab also has a foggy climate with extreme cold. With zero visibility, drivers are facing a lot of difficulties.

Winter is a healthy season. Running in winter keeps you in good health all year round. Running on a winter morning also eliminates laziness. However, in Patna, the race is to join the Army.

Corona virus only one bet to take the UK to leave
people in the UK have found a new strain of the corona virus at Airports Deploying the crowd to leave the UK. Many countries around the world have banned flights from the UK, but people living in the UK are still scrambling to reach countries where they can go.

Large number of containers parked at the port of Dover, England. France has banned all travelers from the UK following the emergence of a new strain of the corona virus in the UK. This caused the Dover port to close.

Passengers standing in long queues maintaining social distance at the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras International Airport in London.

Concerns have spread around the world, including the UK, as the new strain of the corona virus is spreading extremely fast.

The night curfew in Mumbai is soothing in Mumbai
day and night. There is something ore in the roaring night of Mumbai city, but the corona virus seems to have stopped everything. Night curfew in Mumbai has taken away the ronak of nightlife here.

There was silence during the night curfew at the ever-throbbing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus station in Mumbai.

During the night curfew, the Marine Drive area in Mumbai looked very calm.

Farmworkers in Peru, fierce opposition
to new agriculture bill Thousands of farmers have been protesting on the Delhi border for nearly a month in protest of the new 3 agricultural bills in India, trying to woo the central government, but have not resorted to violence. Something similar has happened in Peru. In Peru, farm workers have started protesting against the new agricultural promotion law, which has led to clashes with police and even fires in some places.

Farmers in Peru have demanded good compensation and have complained that some of the provisions in the new agricultural law, such as annual bonuses and holidays, are unfair.

corona virus has been spreading around the world for the past one year. Christmas has been around for two days all over the world, but the fear of the Corona virus is that most people will have to be content with celebrating Christmas in their own homes. The Corona virus has wreaked havoc on everyone's lives and most public places have been closed.

Christmas presents are being given by Santa Claus to animals at various zoos in countries including UK, USA, Australia.

Many zoos around the world are still closed. However, many of the zoo's animals have to go through Christmas. In various zoos in countries including UK, USA, Australia, Christmas gifts are being given to the animals by Santa Claus and in some places the animals are also enjoying music along with the gifts. The zoos are adorned with light shows and lights, while in Thailand the elephants are Santa Claus. Elephants have tried to spread awareness about Corona by distributing face masks among school children. This is how the celebration of Christmas in Corona has changed radically.

In this photo of the Australian Reptile Park at Somersby, Australia, a baby koala is celebrating Christmas. The park is decorated for Christmas and a variety of fruits are also served to the animals.

... and this is Baby Wombat. When the baby vombet was given a basket with a Christmas present, he sat down with joy. Wombat is a short-legged and herbivorous animal found in Australia.

At the London Zoo, the animals were given Christmas presents and a variety of fruits to eat, but they were also enjoying music.

Just like children are happy to see Santa Claus every Christmas, this Hippopotamus is also happy to see Santa Claus and asks, where is my gift?

Face masks were distributed to school children in the city of Ayutthaya, Thailand, making elephants Santa Claus at a time when the threat of the corona virus is currently looming large.

The Corona period has seen a dramatic change in the way Christmas is celebrated.

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