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Saturday, 26 December 2020

Ground report: Scavengers' strike in the city

Ground report: Scavengers' strike in the city

Sweepers from Ahmedabad also made arrangements for meals on the spot for the people involved in the picket through the farmers' movement.
Looking at the preparation of the kitchen, there is a possibility of a long fight
No matter how long the strike is, we are ready for it - the cleaners

The agitation of farmers across the country is currently under discussion, but now the agitation of cleaners which has been going on for the last three days in Ahmedabad city is becoming fierce. Meals for the cleaners have started outside Bodakdev's corporation office this morning. The kitchens have been started properly. The poor people help by giving 10 or 20 rupees from themselves and also arrange food and water for the agitators. On the other hand, as the cleaners are on strike, dirt is spreading in most parts of Ahmedabad. Garbage has piled up on the road due to non-cleaning, which has also caused difficulties in the movement of vehicles. Lying masks as well as other items lying in the trash can also increase the risk of the virus.

The scavengers came for their demands, but the people have gathered so that hunger and thirst cannot shake their movement. The people present here have made kheechadi with the help of 20, 25 rupees and made about 1500 food packets. People here are helping to make the meal. So no water and other arrangements. According to the people present here, they will continue their agitation by staying here even at night, they will continue their agitation till their demands are accepted.

Sweepers strike in the city

Sweepers insist on a police complaint.

PI R.M. Sarode refused to take up the complaint of the janitors, following which the aggrieved janitors chanted slogans of hi hi BJP, mayor, commissioner, calling home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja's hurriyat. Sweepers blocked the road in front of the Vastrapur police station for more than three hours in the afternoon. Despite three rounds of talks with the police to register a complaint against DYMC Kharsan, no solution was found. The cleaners are adamant on the demand for a police complaint and have been blocking the road for three hours.

Dirt is spreading in most parts of Ahmedabad as the cleaners are on strike.

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For the first time, the
cleaners, who had closed the doors of the police station, gathered at the North West Zone office at Bodakdev. The gate of Bodakdev zonal office was closed by the police due to the crowd of workers. No one was allowed inside, be it a municipal corporation employee or a common man. The work was halted when the police closed the gate of the zonal office. After that, the gate of Vastrapur police station was also closed and there was a hint of agitation by the servants.

There has been a hint of agitation by the servants.

Garbage piled up on the road without cleaning.

Tea and water are also provided along with meals.

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