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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Did you know What to see in dreams is considered auspicious and what to see is considered inauspicious

 Did you know  What to see in dreams is considered auspicious and what to see is considered inauspicious When we sleep, our mind is most active. And then the hidden emotions in the mind, the unused powers of the mind, the unconscious field of the mind, etc., work with more force.  Dreams also come due to fear and memory. Dreams also come due to fatigue and medicine. These dreams should be considered as projected.  When the same dream that you have thought about comes, it should be considered as the strength of the mind.

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 If you see a spring flowing from a mountain in your dreams and you drink the water of that spring in these dreams, then understand that in the days to come, this is the door of your destiny to open.  Appearance means that the work you are striving for is about to be completed. And if you are seen giving you something in the Goddess, it means that you can progress.

 Understand that soon you will have unimaginable success if you seem to be walking on water. Your plant will grow.  Understand that.

 It is considered auspicious to see a tree in a dream. If you see a green and deciduous tree in a dream or you are sitting in its shade, happiness is imminent. If you are dreaming of climbing a tree with friends, then understand that your family is traveling abroad  Will go to.

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 If a tree with thorns is seen, there is a possibility of an accident. If a person is seen sleeping with a bed under the tree, consider the possibility of getting sick.  Assuming misunderstandings arise and serious allegations are made.

 Usually everyone has a dream. If you dream of eating on the night of fasting or not eating on a full stomach, do not count it as a sign. If you appear to be eating meat in a dream, it is considered auspicious.  Appearances are an auspicious sign. You are about to be freed from a long-running illness or sin.

 Dreaming of seeing butterflies, seeing rabbits or riding them, or seeing a beautiful young lady or teenager, dreaming of wearing a wedding dress, dreaming of having a baby, dreaming of snow or eating leaves, pink or round  Dreams like seeing things, showing a ring or giving someone a coconut are signs that they will get married soon.

 If you are very thirsty, iron rods or red color is considered unlucky. If you see a broken mirror, look at potatoes, visit an unwanted guest, see beautiful clothes, dream of sleeping or massage, understand that it is a sign of death.  If a person sees Kumkum and Jew etc. in his dream, his house is in danger of being burnt down.

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 Life is full of disasters if a person cooks food in his dream or sees someone else mixing. A person who sees himself in a dream with a potter or oil has to live a lot of life in life.  Sees, he succeeds in his work in life.

 If a person sees Kuda-Karkat in a dream, he suffers many calamities in life. In a dream, he sees himself as a tailor, a Khatri, a blacksmith or a tribal or a person without circumcision  If a rose blooms, it will die of disease.

 One sees rain in a dream, which includes various weather clouds and storm shadows, one has to endure many hardships in life. If a young man sees himself as a child or a child in a dream, the destruction of joy in his life leads to adversity.  If one sees the earth sinking in a dream, it is a loss of money, honor and health.

 If a man sees in a dream that his wife is being abducted, then there is a fight between the women of the family. If a man is seen in a dream, if his glasses fall off, his property is destroyed. If you see someone dying in your dreams.  If so, this means that the person is older.

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