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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Camera Translator; Use a new photo and voice for instant translation, text and speech offline mode

Translate: Camera Translator, Offline Translation app supports voice, text, and camera translation in more than 60 languages. Use it every day for business, travel, and education, and more...

Hello friends, how are you and today I have come up with fun and learning information and below is the information in the area and it will be fun to share with your friends.

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No more language barrier! Enjoy yourself, your lifestyle and learn new things

Point your phone’s camera at taking a picture and translate it… and the wizard in the app automatically translates the photo for you.

* Translate photos

* Translate images

* Translate objects

* Translate comics

* Translate texts

* Translate voice

* Translate ads

* Translate screenshots

* Translate infographics

* Translate handwritten notes

* Translate signs

* Translate scans

* Translate conversations and dialogs

* Translate text from the image

* Translate pro for free

* Translate Baby language

* Cry translator

Translate: Camera Translator, Offline Translation apps come in handy for when:

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You can use your phone’s camera to translate text in the world around you with the Translate: Camera Translator, Offline Translation app.

For example, you can translate signs, handwritten notes, dialogues, talking, voice, speech translate text from images, photos, and texts instantly. Offline Mode Usage is available without internet for all of them

Friends this app is good and fun and will be fun and share it with your other friends too and we have brought good and tune app for you today

Turn your camera into a Translator. 

એપ્લિકેશન અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Translate: Camera Translator, Offline Translation app instantly translates any text that you take a photo of. See storefront signage and have no idea what it means?

This is a great and easy way to show the world - how blessed you really are. Tons of customization options really let your personality shine-! Texting, tweeting, grammar or anything else, you can take your emoji game to the next level with the Avtoon Premier tool.

Friends share this information to more and more people and work information and share this information and this news to more and more people

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