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Sunday, 27 December 2020

27 December Horoscope

Sunday Horoscope: With the auspicious yoga called Sadhya, the day of the birth of 8 zodiac signs including Leo, Dhan, Taurus will be auspicious, Aquarius and Pisces will maintain health.

An auspicious yoga called Graha-Nakshatra Sadhya is being created on Sunday, December 27. At the same time, the moon will be in its own zodiac sign. These planets will have an auspicious effect on 8 out of 12 zodiac signs. Sunday will be a good day for Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Dhan and Capricorn. People of this zodiac sign will be accompanied by planets in their work all day long. While the other four zodiac signs i.e. Aries, Gemini, Aquarius and Pisces will have a mixed effect of the planets. Sunday will be a normal day for these four zodiac births.

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According to the astrologer Nastur Bejan Daruwala, what will be the day for you on Sunday, December 27, according to your zodiac sign.

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Positive - An old friend can refresh old memories by calling in the evening. It is possible that someone connected to your past will approach you and make your next time memorable. Your partner is full of energy and love.

Negative - Your desire to help everyone will make you very tired. How many responsibilities will be fulfilled by you, which will increase your respect in the eyes of the family, but the behavior of the family and their health will keep you concerned.

Business - You can be the center of controversy in the office because of your sluggish and discouraged mood.

Love - is an exciting time, because your lover can give you a gift. Today you will once again reverse the cycle of time and experience the love and romance of the early days of marriage.

Health: The grazing of Mercury and Venus will be auspicious and beneficial for you which will increase your health.


Taurus: -

Positive - If your speech is soft, if someone in the past has felt bad about what you said, you will realize your mistake and apologize to them. You will understand that it is not right to be stubborn in everything, sometimes your humility and your inclination make you fist high.

Negative - To save money at this time you should not create a program in which a lot of your money is wasted. You can think about investing in other areas to earn money, you can benefit from it. Of course, you should seek the advice of experienced people before making any investment and not think about making money by cheating with someone.

Business - Your older siblings can come up with an idea to make money and save it, if you follow their advice you can make a lot of profit in the near future. People of this zodiac sign who have taken a loan from a bank can succeed in repaying the loan.

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Love - People who stay away from their loved ones will overcome some of the misunderstandings that have arisen due to the distance during this time through communication and will work peacefully to resolve every issue.

Health - Back pain can cause you sadness. You need to get out of this pain as soon as possible to re-create an atmosphere of happiness in the family. Pay attention to body postures rather than medicine, you will get results sooner.


Gemini: -

Positive - You will make a lot of progress in the economic field. The circle of friends will be ready to help in times of need so the confidence needed to withstand the difficulties that come from every field will be generated. The plan you made for yourself and your family will be implemented at this time. Ganesha's grace can benefit you financially. No, there is no lottery, but it is your hard earned money.

Negative - Your partnership with a larger group will prove to be interesting. Of course, your costs may increase. Time is likely to be challenging in family matters. The good news, though, is that hard work can turn into fun times if you put in a little effort and be careful about relationships.

Business - Avoiding long term investments and spending time with friends. Kids can disappoint you by spending more time outdoors than making future plans.

Love - This time will bring auspicious results for the lovers. A housewife of this zodiac sign will openly express her feelings with her partner, which will strengthen the relationship.

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Health - If you have an asthma problem, you should seek the advice of a good doctor. Don't go to dusty places and keep your mouth covered if necessary. If you want to make a positive change in your health, you should practice Kapalbhati Yoga in the morning and evening.

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Kirk: -

Positive - Walking for fun will be satisfying. During this time you may be seen trying to complete your stalled tasks. There will be a positive change in family life, you can have a good time with parents during this time.

Negative - Considering your financial situation, it seems that this time can be a little fragile. Stressful situations can arise during this time in the workplace. You have to spend a lot of money in your household life which can cause your financial situation to falter a bit.

Business - The seed that is planted in your thoughts you need to change from your hard work to reality, this is the basic mantra of maintaining a place in business. A long-term business trip will be fruitful.

Love - Despair can be felt in love but do not lose heart because in the end victory is only with true love. Eventually he will understand you and hug you. Be patient and do not give up the positive attitude.

Health - During this time you should avoid doing anything that makes you lean more or lift more weight. If you are going to the gym, you should exercise only under the supervision of a trainer.


Lion: -

Positive - You can emphasize the importance of planting trees to enhance the beauty of nature. People eager to serve the country have to make some necessary journeys at this time. This time will help you to maintain a balance between family and professional life and you will enjoy a happy life.

Negative - In the workplace you have to work more carefully, because this is the demand of the time. During this time there may be some changes in your life that you have never thought about before but change is often necessary and happens for your good.

Business - You get leverage to grow your business faster. You will succeed in implementing plans that will impress many people. Issues related to tax and insurance need to be addressed.

Love - You should try to keep your lover happy and make them realize that he is very special to you. Doing so and spending more time with them and praising them will refresh the relationship.

Health - Jupiter's pasture will be good for health. The day passes with vigor.


Girls: -

Positive - Share your joy with parents. Let them realize how important they are to you, their loneliness will automatically disappear. What good is our life if we can't make each other's lives easier? Your children can also experience an atmosphere of happiness and peace at home.

Negative - You have to face criticism and controversy due to financial difficulties. Be prepared to say "no" to people who are expecting more than you need. Your volatile nature can lead to disagreements with coworkers in the office.

Business - Real Estate is a good time for financial transactions. Choose your words carefully when communicating with important people.

Love - Remind each other of the old days and think about the moments that you used to remember. Because it can strengthen your relationship.

Health - Whether you are a health worker or involved in technical matters, you may have to go through health problems.


Libra: -

Positive - Feel more intimate in family relationships. Celebrations, auspicious occasions and much more you will enjoy during this time. Your changed nature will be a cause of happiness for the family. Make the day great by using your hidden features. You will be at the center of it all in family planning.

Negative - Don't let success dominate you. Ganesha advises you to reconcile, to act cunningly and not to hurry. You may be tempted to make the wrong decision. So stay away from temptation. Don't spend more than you need on household amenities.

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Occupation - It is possible that your superior may not agree with you. But be patient, you will soon understand your words.

Love - This time will be auspicious for married people. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The arrival of love in the lives of those who were searching for true love.

Health - You need light exercise and medicine. Handling special breathing patients.

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Scorpio: -

Positive - Be prepared for the journey to achieve your goal. You have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. So get ready to move on. This period is best for economic upliftment. May your luck be with you. Your good deeds also have an effect on the family and the people around you which increases your social reputation.

Negative - It's time to dump her and move on. Accompany yourself through the ups and downs of life. An ongoing problem in the family can make you feel bad. Ketu's presence can cause some unrest in the family.

Business - There may be some losses on the business front, especially if you do business in partnership. Your work will be applauded by the authorities.

Love - At this point the situation will be better than before in love affairs. The tension that had previously arisen in the relationship is removed.

Health - Ketuna pastures are signaling to boost your immune system.


Dhan: -

Positive - Being self-confident in nature, people will get to know the energy that is bouncing in your every action. Positive attitudes can have a detrimental effect on your psyche and may not affect your health.

Negative - Some old household problems are likely to bother you. There is no period and tensions are likely to increase in every sector. Don't be careless, especially when traveling. You are trying to fulfill your dream but you have to have a little patience for it.

Business - Motivate to find the right direction in business and personal life. In financial matters you will risk to seize the opportunity and the results will be in your favor. Your activity, thoughts and future plans will be around your progress.

Love - New love relationships are established or old relationships become closer and it proves to be beneficial for you. There is a possibility of disagreement in the family.

Health - You will be ready to increase your physical abilities and maintain your health.


Capricorn: -

Positive - Reduces difficulties in your business field as well as increases your prestige. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Friends and relatives will accompany you in your work. Maintain health and vitality. You will be able to play an important role in the reunion ceremony.

Negative - Ganesha advises to avoid investing in the betting market as long as possible. You have yoga to lose you. Traveling can be a daunting task. As work responsibilities increase, you will experience less rest and more fatigue. Also, due to lack of sleep, tightness enters you.

Business - Having high expectations will create a sudden crisis in your life. You will try to reach him and take care of him with a cold mind. On this occasion, Ganesha advises you to adopt an explanatory attitude.

Love - Don't treat yourself like a slave in a love relationship. Adopt a balanced approach or you will be harmed in the future. Spouse's illness can affect your work.

Health - The day can be full of stress and worries.

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Aquarius: -

Positive - At this stage you will be able to establish your importance in the field of work after having suffered badly in the past. More importantly, you will develop an attitude and value system that will increase your success. You get the best out of your contacts with people and you get the most out of it.

Negative - Ganesha advises you to be extra cautious in your place of business during this period. Time goes by and you get dissatisfied with not getting the right fruit.

Occupation - Disagreement with the officer in doctrinal matters. This period completes your unfinished work, including court proceedings. There is a possibility that you will get a big benefit from luck without any effort.

Love - Be willing to do anything to make your partner happy and this trait of yours will make your partner feel good. There can be some ups and downs in the relationships of lovers.

Health - There are a number of health problems associated with the throat. Be careful in eating.


Mean: -

Positive - Maintaining the health of the offspring. All your work, effort, hard work will start to pay off in terms of success and happiness. You will be successful in the workplace and more importantly satisfied. The deals you make now will go well. Attractive holiday destinations will attract you.

Negative - It is advisable to stay away from dangerous work. Ganesha advises to avoid participation during this period. Excessive expectations of friends and relatives can strain your relationship with them. Income seems to be declining. Money hurts family members.

Business - During this period you will have a lot of expectations in terms of work and you need to do your best to turn it around. The energy that flows inside you provides you with new creative ideas that will be very important for your business success.

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Love - Married people have a mild tension with their life partner. However this condition will be temporary and over time the situation will return to normal. So be patient.

Health - You get headaches and you can resort to music to get rid of the pain.

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