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Sunday, 20 December 2020

20 December Horoscope

Sunday Horoscope: Two ominous yoga and one auspicious yoga will improve the birth of five zodiac signs including Taurus, Pisces on Sunday, others will have a mixed effect of the planets

On Sunday, December 20, two ominous yogas named Graha-Nakshatra Vajra and Rakshas are taking place. However, there will also be Budhaditya Yoga throughout the day. This will make the day auspicious for some and a mixed fruit for others. Astrologer Dr. According to Ajay Bhambi, the planets will have a mixed effect on people in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius on Sunday. Apart from this, Sunday will be a very auspicious day for Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Dhan and Pisces. The planets will be kind to these five ones.

On Sunday, December 20, the well-known astrologer Dr. Learn from Ajay Bhambi according to your zodiac sign.

Aries -

Positive: - Today will start the day with new hope. You will be able to cope with any adversity. There may also be plans for a religious event at home. You will have full confidence.

Negative: - Avoid interfering too much in the affairs of others. At this time, there is a possibility of any kind of controversy or quarrel. Try to resolve the matter peacefully instead of anger.

Business : - It's time to dump her and move on.

Love: - Husband-wife relationship will be good.

Health: - Any injury can be caused by the vehicle at this time.


Taurus: -

Positive: - Most of the time today will be spent helping a close relative and coping with their problems. Social prestige will also increase. There will be an opportunity to go to a ceremony.

Negative: - Prioritize your actions. Because, busyness will cause you difficulties in your work. Care must also be taken to maintain order in the home.

Occupation: - Your stuck work in the field will be completed with the help of an experienced and elderly person.

Love: - Spouse collaboration will keep you stress free.

Health: - Excessive exertion and running can cause blood pressure problems.


Gemini: -

Positive: - At this point you will feel more energetic. Engage in finding solutions to your problems in any situation. The youth class will be happier with their first income.

Negative: - Do not interfere too much in the affairs of others. That should reduce your self-esteem. Currently inherited property cases can hang.

Occupation: - There will be some ups and downs in the field.

Love: - Spouse's advice will be lucky for you.

Health: - Do not show negligence towards eating.


Kirk: -

Positive: - Relieve any long-standing anxiety and stress today. You will also be involved in financial activities like insurance, investing etc. Consult an elder in the household to resolve a property dispute.

Negative: - Current income as well as expenses will be higher. Unnecessary expenses can bother you. Do not ignore the movements of opponents. The mind will be disappointed to receive any bad news.

Business : - Professional competition can have an effect on your work.

Love: - Husband-wife relationship will be sweet.

Health: - You will be absolutely serious about protecting your health.


Lion: -

Positive: - In the presence of a person of any religious activity, your thinking will change positively. Every action connected with life will receive proper vision. Economic conditions will also be maintained.

Negative: - Save your important items and documents. Which can also have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Spend some time with the kids.

Occupation: - Daily income will increase. The situation is becoming advantageous at the moment.

Love: - Marriage will pass happily.

Health: - Your confidence and positive thinking will keep you healthy.


Girls: -

Positive: - The advice of any senior person in the house today will prove to be very lucky for you. So don't ignore any of them. The day is very fruitful for women.

Negative: - Sometimes negative thoughts can come towards a few relatives. Control your mood. Prevent relationships from getting worse. At the same time, working beyond your means will have an effect on your health.

Business : - You may face more problems in business related competition.

Love: - Husband and wife's collaborative treatment will strengthen the relationship with each other.

Health: - Fatigue will cause pain and swelling in the legs.


Libra: -

Positive: - The misunderstanding that has been going on with people close to you for the last few times will be resolved. The relationship with each other will be fine. A new ray of hope will rise with the advice of a dear friend. If there is an ongoing dispute over the division of property, try to resolve it through someone's intervention.

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Negative: - Try to keep your mental state positive at this time. Do not do any work without understanding. The youth class does not fall in love and compromise with their studies and career.

Business: - Do not invest rupee in boom-bust and stock market.

Love: - Family members will understand your troubles.

Health: - Injury is likely.


Scorpio: -

Positive: - Social boundaries will expand. You will also be busy with family activities today. Taking care of the well-being of the members of the household will give them a sense of security.

Negative: - Check properly before doing any work related to investment. This time is not more favorable financially. If you are trying to get a loan, consider your limit first.

Occupation: - Also pay attention to the advice of your employees in the workplace

Love: - Maintaining strong family ties as well as work will be your priority.

Health: - Take special care of your food outside the house.


Dhan: -

Positive: - Your opponents will be defeated against your confidence. Success will be achieved in tasks related to children's competition. The help of a person involved in any political activity will prove to be beneficial for you.

Negative: - Don’t overlook a few important tasks due to increased laziness. Because it can only hurt you financially. It is very important to take care of the health of the elders of the house, as their problem may increase.

Business : - The policy of joining a business with any big company will be successful

Love: - Spouse collaboration will make your destiny stronger.

Health: - Even a little carelessness can make health worse.

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Capricorn: -

Positive: - Today the condition of the planet is very satisfactory. Those who were against you today will come to your side. Relationships will also improve. At this point all tasks will be completed peacefully.

Negative: - If someone has made a promise, fulfill it. Otherwise your impression in the society may get worse. Even a few rewarding opportunities are likely to slip out of hand.

Occupation: - There is a need to change the way you work due to the current times.

Love: - The family atmosphere will be pleasant.

Health: - Health will be good.


Aquarius: -

Positive: - Spend some time between elders and seniors. Assimilating their experiences will make you aware of important levels of your life. Satisfactory news can also be received from children at this time.

Negative: - Unfinished work will complete your unfinished work. Don't just let stress overwhelm you. Proper collaboration with family members will keep you worry free.

Occupation: - Economic condition will remain normal.

Love: - Family life will be normal.

Health: - Any skin allergy problem can increase.


Mean: -

Positive: - Today is a great time to do any work related to the property. Yoga is also becoming a part of any important journey. It is also important to take care of safety while traveling. Success in a child's competitive exam will create a happy atmosphere at home.

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Negative: - Be aware that someone else may be disturbing the peace of your home. That is why the members of the house work together to maintain the arrangement of the house properly. It is okay to have formal dealings with neighbors to avoid any disagreement.

Business : - Business related to women's items will be beneficial at this time.

Love: - Love relationships will become closer.

Health: - There will be pain in the cervix and body due to fatigue.

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