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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Why wait for the moon on the fourth day? Moon sighting in Ahmedabad at approximately 8.42 hrs, find out the time of lunar sightings in other cities

Today Karvachoth: Why wait for the moon on the fourth day? Moon sighting in Ahmedabad at approximately 8.42 hrs, find out the time of lunar sightings in other cities

If the moon does not appear, worship can be done by observing the time of moonrise and fasting can also be opened

Today is Karvachoth. Husband's longevity and prosperity will keep women fasting all day without eating or drinking water. In the evening, Arghya will be given by seeing the moon. The most awaited moon on this day. The sighting of the moon is usually done early, but on the fourth day the moonrise takes longer. There is a geographical and astrological reason behind it.

In astronomy, the motion of the moon and the earth: -

On the day of Poonam, the sun and the moon are at 180 degrees, i.e. opposite, so the moon rises from the east as soon as the full moon sets.

- The moon moves towards the earth and the earth moves towards the sun.

- Due to the motion of the earth, the moon moves about 12 degrees behind the earth every day.

- Thus on the fourth date the moon becomes about 48 degrees behind the earth and smaller in size.

- It takes the moon about 48 minutes more per day to complete its distance.

- This causes the moon to appear about 2.30 hours late after sunset on the fourth day.

Worship can be done even when the moon is not seen: -

Kashi's astrologer Pt. According to Ganesh Mishra, the sun and the moon never set, but we cannot see them because of the earth. It shows the time of seeing the moon with the help of astrological calculations, which is called Chandrodaya in common parlance, i.e. worship is done on the day of Karvachoth according to the time of Chandrodaya. In some parts of the country, lunar eclipses are not possible due to geographical conditions or pollution in the atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with that.

Chandrapuja and Vrata in Mahabharata: -

 In the unknown, Arjuna was going up the Nilgiri mountain to do penance. Draupadi sought help from Lord Krishna to protect Arjuna. 

He told Draupadi to observe the same fast as Mother Parvati had observed for Lord Shiva. Draupadi fasted and after a while, Arjuna returned safely. In this vrata, Draupadi worshiped Lord Krishna in the form of the moon.

Moon worship in Ramcharitamanas: -

According to the Lankakanda of Ramcharitamanas, when Shriram crossed the sea and reached Lanka, he asked his companions about the blackness in the middle of the moon.

 All answered at their own discretion. Shriram explained the moon and the poison came out during the sea churning. Vish is the brother of Chandra.

 That is why he has placed poison in his heart. Spreading its own toxic rays, it continues to ignite detached males and females.

The psychological side of this whole affair is that when a husband and wife are separated for some reason, the toxic rays of the moon make them more difficult, so women worship the moon on Karvachoth and do things that do not deprive them of their beloved for any reason. Have to endure. This is the reason why there is a statement to worship the moon on the day of Karvachoth.

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